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"If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees."

Hal Borland


Thomas E. Ricks Gardens

Forrest A Barnes

Thomas E. Ricks Garden and Horticulture Greenhouse Manager 

Benson 277


Welcome to my World 

   Arched Bridge     The Horticulture Gardens known as the 'Thomas E. Ricks Gardens' is a 10 acre living lab for students in the Department.  They are maintained by students here on campus, led by a student intern.  All the annual flowers that are planted in the spring, were raised in the greenhouses in students classes.  A lot of work goes into keeping these gardens looking good for the public to enjoy.  Please, as you visit, respect the garden and keep them  looking good for all to enjoy, by not littering or climbing the trees or getting behind the water features. 


     Another hidden gem are the Horticulture Greenhouses. They are used extensively by Horticulture students to raise annual flowers for the gardens each year along with crops like poinsettias, cut flowers and indoor plants.  One greenhouse is dedicated to plant identification, it is landscaped with a waterfall, bridge, retaining walls, some old Spori building stones and a table for studying.  This greenhouse has tropical plants that will not survive the Rexburg climate and are planted here for students on campus to enjoy and those in the department to learn from and see first hand.   


Benson Horticulture Greenhouse Construction


Greenhouse Jungle Room

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