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General Chemistry Laboratory Videos


Anna V Nielsen

Anna V. Nielsen

Anna created a series of videos to teach fundamental laboratory techniques in general chemistry. She wrote the scripts, developed the screen-play, and collaborated with cameramen, video and sound editors to complete the project. The result is phenomenal!


We can now do more in our short laboratory sessions: We can use more time to explore or discuss experiment design and to evaluate technique, instead of teaching it.


Feel free to use these videos in your classes as you see fit, and at your own risk.




Anna and I wish to acknowledge the competent support of the BYU-I department of audio and video productions, and specifically we wish to thank the following individuals for their generous contributions of time and expertise.


Mike Jeffs: Video Production Coordinator
Luke Hale: Project Coordinator
Ryan Rassmussen: Project Manager/Producer

Jose Misiego: Cameraman/Editor

Andrew Kalinowski: Audio Engineer

Jens Black: Media Transfer Supervisor