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"Outside of a dog, a man's best friend is a book. Inside of a dog, it's very dark."


Groucho Marx


(If you can figure out why this quote is on this web page, you'll be able to understand something of my mathematical and pedagogical philosophies.)

Mathematics Reference Pages

Very much under construction! This is a long-term project. Priority is given to the needs of my current students.



Translating English into math

U.S. Customary System units of measure, for FDMath 108 students




Inverse trigonometric functions

The unit circle

Trigonometry reference sheet for trigonometry students

Trigonometry reference sheet for calculus  students


Hyperbolic functions


Special functions

Bessel functions

Gamma function



               Practice problems: Limits (includes L'hopital's rule and the squeeze theorem)



Chain rules via matrix multiplication (draft version)

Local approximations to curves (under construction, but useable)

Local approximations to surfaces (draft version)



Area and parameterized curves



Partial fractions

Some techniques of integration



Adding lots of things together (a draft version)

The interval and radius of convergence of a power series


Vector Calculus

Standard parameterizations of curves

Local approximations to space curves


Multivariate Calculus

Chain rules via matrix multiplication

Gaussian curvature

Local approximations to surfaces

Increments, differentials, and local approximations

The Hessian matrix: Eigenvalues, concavity, and curvature


Ordinary Differential Equations

               Practice on first order equations

               Practice on linear second order equations



Basic block ciphers

Elementary marginal analysis

Inernet page ranking


Integration Theory

Introduction to the Cauchy integral

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