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"Any realistic model of a real-world phenomenon must take into account the possibility of randomness... [M[ore often than not, the quantities we are interested in... will exhibit an inherent variation that should be taken into account by the model."


Sheldon Ross

Bro. Brown's statistics reference pages:

Graphs, plots, and charts


Here are links to pages concerning various types of statistical graphics. As with most of the site, this page and the pages to which it links are very much under construction. Only that which is blue and underlined is an active link. Please report any broken active links, typos, and other errors to Brother Brown at brownd@byui.edu. Thanks!


Graphs for univariate data

    Graphs for nominal data

          Bar graphs

          Pareto charts

          Pie charts


    Graphs for ordinal data

          Bar graphs

          Boxplots and box-and-whiskers plots


          Pareto charts

          Pie charts


    Graphs for numeric (scale) data

          Bar graphs

          Box plots and box-and-whiskers plots


          Error bars plots


          Histograms-with-Normal curve

          Line graphs

          Normal probability plots: See Q-Q plots, below

          Pareto charts

          Pie charts

          P-P plots: See Q-Q plots, below

          Q-Q plots: Click here.

          Sequence (time) plots

          Simultaneous confidence intervals

          Stemplots (also known as stem-and-leaf plots)


Graphs for bivariate data

          Bar graphs for stacked data

          Box plots for stacked data

          Clustered bar graphs

          Histograms for stacked data

          Histograms-with-Normal curve for stacked data

          Means plots (for ANOVA)



Graphs for multivariate data

          To appear

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