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"You only really learn a principle by using it, over and over again." 


(Henry B. Eyring)

Austin Building

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 Whenever my door is open
and I am inside


- or -


By appointment

Picture from when I started here in 1991:  See, I was young once, too!

PE Stamp


Office:  Austin, 216D

Phone: (208) 496-7607

Fax: (208) 496-7603 

E-mail: fisherr@byui.edu



Recent Picture:  I have one gray hair for every student.  Which one is yours?


I have been teaching here for a long time -- just look at my pictures!  I cannot imagine having a more enjoyable job, and I hope you love your career just as much.  There will be times during the college phase of your career when you will wonder if it is worth all the hard effort.  I can promise you that it is.  If you need some help, come see me.

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