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BYUI/Salus University PA Program 3-2 Agreement

BYUI and Salus University in Elkins Park, PA have agreed to a 3-2 affiliation. Four BYUI students will be accepted into the program each year. BYUI students will complete their first three years at BYUI; after being accepted into the program, they will enter the Salus PA program at the end of their junior year. Upon completion of the first year of the Salus PA program, 30 credits will transfer back to BYUI concluding their BYUI baccalureate degree. Students will then finish the last year of PA school and be awarded a Masters of Medical Science from Salus University.


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Greg Klingler

Health Science Faculty

BYUI/Salus Liaison

CLK 145B




John Lewis

Health Science Faculty

BYUI Paramedic Program Director

CLK 145M