An Annotated Filmography


Films I have not seen, nor found adequate descriptive comments about, so am unable to put them into one of the other groups. In most cases someone is listed in the credits (usually as "librarian" rather than with a character's name) so I assume he/she has a speaking part, but I don't know know significant or memorable it is.

ADMISSIONS (2004).  Lauren Ambrose works in a library. 

AGE TO AGE (1999). Dot Braun is a librarian.

AGNES OF GOD (1985). Victor Desy is a librarian.

AMERICAN HOT WAX (1978). Ted Schwartz plays Gary, the Music Librarian.

ANGEL'S DANCE (1999). Caroline Alexander is a librarian.

BEFORE NIGHT FALLS (2000). The Cuban writer, Reynaldo Arenas, goes to Havana and gets a job in a library.

BLUEBEARD'S TEN HONEYMOONS (1960). Milo Sperber is a librarian.

BODY BAGS (1993, made-for-TV). Betty Muramoto is a librarian.

BON VOYAGE! (1962). James Millhollin plays "The Librarian."

BOUND BY HONOR (1993). Richard Masur is the inmate prison librarian.  Other scenes take place in a law library.  

THE BROKEN GATE (1927). Florence Turner plays Miss Julia, the librarian in the small town of Spring Valley.

BURIED ON SUNDAY (1993). Jean Gregson is a librarian.

BURIED SECRETS (1996, made-for-TV). Nicky Guadagni is a librarian.

CAPE FEAR (1962). Josephine Smith is a librarian.

THE CAPE TOWN AFFAIR (1967). Remake of Pickup on South Street -- see Group A.

CAROLINE? (1990, made-for-TV). Laura Whyte is a librarian.

CARRY ON COLUMBUS (1992). Richard Wilson plays a bookkeeper whom Columbus mistakes for a librarian.

THE CENSUS TAKER (1998). Ethan Aronoff plays a librarian.

CHAPTER TWO (1979). James Caan does research in the NYPL.

A CHILD LOST FOREVER (1992, made-for-TV). Annie Waterman is a librarian.

CHRISTMAS ON DIVISION STREET (1991, made-for-TV). Crystal Verge is a librarian.

THE CLAYDON TREASURE MYSTERY (1938). Kerrigan is invited to a stately home to investigate the disappearance of the librarian, whose predecessor was murdered.

CLEAN, SHAVEN (1993). June Kelly is a librarian.

COMPLICITY (2000). Katy Hale is a librarian.

COMPUTERCIDE (1982, made-for-TV). Linda Gillen is a librarian.

COP-OUT (1967). Melinda May is a librarian.

THE COUNTESS ALICE (1992, British made-for-TV). A childless, aging librarian (Zoe Wanamaker) who is bored with her job decides to go to Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall to trace her family tree.

LES COUSINS (1959). Guy Decomble is a librarian.

CRIMINAL LAW (1988). Irene Kessler is Peggy, the librarian.

THE CRIMSON KIMONO (1959). Stafford Repp is the "City Librarian." (He later achieved fame playing Chief O'Hara in TV's "Batman" series.)

DANGEROUS MINDS (1995). Jeff Feringa is "Librarian #1." Sarah Marshall is "Librarian #2."

DEADLY DREAMS (1988). Stacey Travis is a librarian.

DEAR FRANKIE (2004).  Elaine M. Ellis portrays a librarian. 

DEATH OF A SON (1988, made-for-TV). Jon Cartwright is a librarian.

DECEMBER (1991). A librarian burns a book.

DECEPTION: A MOTHER'S SECRET (1991, made-for-TV). Mary Marsh is a librarian.

DELIVERY BOYS (1984). Naima Eriksen is a librarian.

DIGGING HOLES (1999). Finola Geraghty is a librarian.

DO ME A FAVOR (1997). Frances Fisher is a librarian.

DOCTOR IN LOVE (1960). Sheila Hancock is a librarian.

DOWN WITH AMERICA (1997). Meri Stevens is a librarian.

DOWN WITH AMERICA 3: MOLDY KITTEN (1999). Meri Stevens is still a librarian.

DRAGONFLY (1976). Mimi Obler is a librarian.

THE DRIVETIME (1995). Set in Seattle in 1999, this sci-fi film includes a time-traveling librarian seeking to retrieve lost video footage.

LE DUE VITE DI MATTIA PASCAL [The Two Lives of Mattia Pascal] (1985). Mattia Pascal (Marcello Mastroianni) is a library clerk. In one scene he and another librarian sit together in the library cutting cheese into little pieces for the mousetraps.

EARNEST RIDES AGAIN (1993). Alex Diakun is a librarian.

ECHO (1998, made-for-TV, released in UK as "Deadly Echo"). Kevin Blatch is a librarian, and also the main character.

THE EMPTY BEACH (1985). Deborah Kennedy is a newspaper librarian.

ENCOUNTERS (1993). This film from Australia includes Monique Dykstra as a librarian.

EVERYTHING'S JAKE (2000). Debbie Allen is a librarian, and Stephen Furst an assistant librarian.

EVIL HAS A FACE (1996). Bridgett Baron is a librarian.

FIRST, DO NO HARM (1997, made-for-TV). Barbara Stewart is a librarian.

FLESH AND FANTASY (1943). Ian Wolfe is a librarian.

FLETCH (1985). A young librarian (Geena Davis) helps a newspaper reporter. Or is she only a research assistant?

FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER (1990). Adam Biesk is a librarian.

FORBRYDELSENS ELEMENT (1984). Mogens Rukov is a librarian.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS (1993, made-for-TV). Maggie Wells is a librarian.

THE FRAGILE HEART (1990, made-for-TV). Miriam Leake is a librarian.

FREAKY FRIDAY (1995, made-for-TV). Carol Kane is Miss Futterman, the librarian.

FRENCHMAN'S FARM (1987). Ian Leigh-Cooper is a librarian.

FUN (1994). Cindie Northrup is a prison librarian.

GEORGIA (1988). Roy Baldwin is a librarian

GETTING IT (1994). Angela Jones is a librarian.

GETTING IT ON (1983). Fran Taylor is a librarian.

THE GIRL ON THE LATE, LATE SHOW (1974, made-for-TV). Mary Ann Mobley is a librarian.

THE GOOD COMPANIONS (1932). Hugh E. Wright is a librarian.

HARVEY MIDDLEMAN, FIREMAN (1965). Stacy Graham is a librarian.

HIGH SCHOOL HIGH (1996). A fight breaks out in the library. The librarian (as described by a contributor to this filmography) looks like "a junkie with a bird nest for hair."

HOUSE (1995). A strange film consisting of ten vignettes. One is about a reporter and a librarian who almost, but never quite, meet. Eventually they do find each other, discover that they are madly in love, but become so happy that they explode.

THE HOUSE ON CARROLL STREET (1988). William Duff-Griffin plays an FBI librarian.

HOW I GOT INTO COLLEGE (1989). Marlene Warfield is a librarian.

How My Mother Gave Birth to Me During Menopause [Comment ma mère accoucha de moi durant sa ménopause] (2003).  The mother works in a modern public library in the Montreal area.  

I LOVE YOU TO DEATH (1990). Audrey Rapoport is a librarian.

I, MADMAN (1989). Mary Baldwin is a librarian. The main character also works in a used bookstore.

IDIOCRACY (2006).  One lead character is an Army librarian. 

I'M DANGEROUS TONIGHT (1990, made-for-TV). Felicia Lansbury is a librarian.

INFORMATION RECEIVED (1962). David Cargill is a librarian.

I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU (1998, made-for-TV). B. J. Harrison is a librarian.

JENATSCH (1987). Cecile Kung is a librarian.

JOEY BREAKER (1993). Fred Fondren plays a librarian who is suffering from AIDS.

KEEP THE ASPIDISTRA FLYING (1997). Joan Blackham is a librarian.

KILLER INSTINCT (2000). Conrad Karlson is a librarian.

THE KILLING KIND (1973). Luana Anders is a librarian.

THE LADY FORGETS (1989, made-for-TV). Judith Berlin is a librarian.

LADY IN THE DARK (1944). Mary MacLaren and Paul McVey play librarians.

THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN (1982). Blanche Rubin is a librarian.

THE LAST SUPPER (1996). Pamela Gien is an "illiterate librarian."

LETTER TO MY KILLER (1996). Lois Hall is a librarian.

A LIKENESS IN STONE (2000, made-for-TV). Kitty Martin is a librarian.

LITTLE NEMO: ADVENTURES IN SLUMBERLAND (1992). June Foray is a librarian.

LOLA (1981). Andrea Heuer is a librarian.

THE LORDS OF DISCIPLINE (1983). Helena Stevens is a librarian.

THE LOST ROMANCE (1921). Mayme Kelso is a librarian.

LOVE AND MONEY (1982). Susan Heldfond is a librarian.

LOVE ON THE RUN (1979). Daniel Mesguich is Xavier, the Librarian.

MAD LOVE (1995). Sharon Collar is a librarian.

MAKING IT (1971). Dodo Merande is a librarian.

A MAN BETRAYED (1941). Minerva Urecal is a librarian.

THE MAN IN GREY (1943). Wicked Margaret Lockwood arranges for Stewart Granger to catalogue James Mason's library and fall for Mason's wife Phyllis Calvert.

MATILDA (1991). Matilda seems doomed to spinsterhood because all the men she plans to marry meet with misfortune. She meets a shy librarian (played by Silvio Ornaldo) and all goes well until disaster strikes again.

THE MECHANIC (1973). Louis Fitch is a librarian.

MEETING MR. SUBIAN (1996). Jennifer Hayden is a librarian.

THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES (1996). A couple has dinner in a library.

MR. MOTO IN DANGER ISLAND (1939). Renie Riano is a librarian.

THE MISADVENTURES OF MARGARET (1998). Kerry Shale is a librarian.

MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON (1984). Robin Williams has a scene in the library.

MS BEAR (1997). Carolyn Tweedle is a librarian.

MY BODYGUARD (1980). Dorothy Scott is a librarian.

THE NAKED GUN 2 1/2: THE SMELL OF FEAR (1991). Suzy Lafer plays a librarian.

NEA (1976). Nelly Kaplan is a librarian.

THE NEVERENDING STORY III (1994). Freddie Jones plays Mr. Coreander, the librarian.

OLD GRINGO (1989). Laurel Lye is a librarian.

THE OLD LADY WHO WALKED IN THE SEA (1992). Lara Guirao is a librarian.

OLYMPIA (1998). Lee Hunsaker is a librarian.

ONE EIGHT SEVEN [187] (1997). Harri James is a librarian.

OPHELIA LEARNS TO SWIM (2000). Dian Kobayashi is the librarian.

OUT OF SIGHT (1998). In a scene in the prison library George Clooney sticks up for a timid prisoner who is being bullied by two other inmates.

PEGGY (1950). Ellen Corby (aka Grandma Walton) plays Mrs. Privet, the librarian.

THE PERFECT BRIDE (1991, made-for-TV). Robin Krieger is a librarian.

THE PERFECT NANNY (2000). Christopher Kriesa is a librarian.

PLAYROOM (1990). Olivera Viktorovic is a librarian.

PRINCIPAL TAKES A HOLIDAY (1998, made-for-TV). Jonathan Young is a librarian.

PUTTING IT OVER (1919). Librarian Shirley Mason falls in love with a somewhat ne'er-do-well soda jerk.

QUIZ SHOW (1994). Anthony Fusco is a librarian.

THE RACKET (1951). Harriet Matthews is a librarian.

RAIDERS OF THE LIVING DEAD (1986). Zita Johann is a librarian.

THE REAL HOWARD SPITZ (1998). A down-and-out author who wants to write books for children hangs out in the library, where the librarian gives him suspicious looks.

RED HOT (1993). Mara Semdega is a music librarian.

REMEMBER ME (1995, made-for-TV). Marcia Bennett is a librarian.

THE RETURN OF IRONSIDE (1993, made-for-TV). Debra-Jayne Brown is a librarian.

REVELATION (2001). Derek Jacobi is "The Librarian."

RIO DAS MORTES (1971, made-for-TV). Carl Amery plays a librarian.

THE ROSARY MURDERS (1987). Sandy Broad is a librarian.

RUDY (1993). Marie Anspaugh is a librarian

SCREAM, BLACKULA, SCREAM! (1973). Sybil Scotford is a librarian.

SCREWBALLS (1983). Caroline Tweedle is a librarian.

SEPARATED BY MURDER (1994, made-for-TV). Florence Roach is a librarian.

THE SEVEN MINUTES (1971). Lillian Lehman is a librarian.

SEVENTH SIGN (1988). Demi Moore uses the library to research what the Bible says about the Apocalypse.

SIDEWALK STORIES (1989). Olivia Sklar is a librarian.

SITTING PRETTY (1948). Mary Field is a librarian.

SKUGGAN (1954). Olav Riego is a librarian in this Swedish film.

SLAMDANCE (1987). Lin Shaye is a librarian.

SMALL FACES (1995). Liz Lochhead is a librarian.

SOLITUDE (2001). MaryAnn Wourms is a librarian.

THE SPIRIT OF YOUTH (1929). Dorothy Sebastian, the village librarian, falls in love with a champion boxer.

STANLEY'S DRAGON (1994). Valerie Minifie is a librarian.

START CHEERING (1938). Arthur Loft is a librarian.

THE STEPFORD CHILDREN (1987, made-for-TV). Patricia Darling is a librarian.

STORYVILLE (1992). Ron Gural is a librarian.

STRANGER IN THE HOUSE (1967). Melinda Mays is a librarian.

STRANGER IN TOWN (1998, made-for-TV). Kris Alvarez is a librarian.

THE SWEETEST GIFT (1998, made-for-TV). Marcia Bennett is a librarian.

TAIL GUNNER JOE (1982, made-for-TV). The story of Senator Joseph McCarthy, with Tim O'Connor as a librarian.

TALKING TO STRANGE MEN (1992, made-for-TV). Sara Griffiths is a librarian.

THIS HAPPY BREED (1944). This is the saga of a British family from 1919 through 1939. Aunt Sylvia (Alison Leggatt) is a librarian, although she has decided to give up her career.

THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR (1975). Robert Redford researches in a library.

TIME CHANGER (2002).  Jennifer O'Neill is a librarian. 

TO LOVE, HONOR, AND DECEIVE (1997). Janet Sherkow is a librarian.

TRANSYLVANIA TWIST (1990). Angus Scrimm plays a librarian from Transylvania who tries to collect the fines on a 200 year overdue book.

TRAPS (1986). Lesley Stern is a librarian.

VERA (1987). Abram Faarc is a librarian.

WACKO (1981). Jacqueline Cole is a librarian.

THE WEB (1947). Robin Raymond is a newspaper librarian.

THE WEDDING COW [German title: Die Hochzeitskuh] (1999). A young lady (Isabella Parkinson) on her way to her new job as a librarian in southern Germany has her money stolen and gets kicked off the train. A plumber gives her a ride. The cow in back of his truck is a wedding present from his aunt. He's traveling south to get married in just a few days. Many comedic troubles ensue.

WEIRD WOMAN (1944).  A scorned librarian (Evelyn Ankers) seeks revenge on her ex-husband by spreading gossip about his new wife. 

WHISPERING CITY (1947). Palmieri is a court librarian.

THE WHITE RIVER KID (1999). Allison Pace is a librarian.

WILD CARD (1992, made-for-TV). Jane Abbott is a librarian.

WINNIE (1989, made-for-TV). Florence Schauffler is a librarian.

WITHIN THE LAW (1939). Claire Du Brey is a librarian.

YOU CAN'T GET AWAY WITH MURDER (1939). When a young man is sent to prison he is befriended by the old timer who runs the prison library, and who teaches him the trade, trying to rescue him from the clutches of a hardened criminal.

YOU MUST BE JOKING! (1965). James Roberston Justice is a librarian.

YOUNG PHILADELPHIANS (1959).  Some scenes were shot in and around the old library at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. 

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