An Annotated Filmography


Jane Abbot (Wild Card)
Barbara Alexander (Mercury Rising)
Caroline Alexander (Angel's Dance)
Mary Alice (Bed of Roses)
Debbie Allen (Everything's Jake)
Elvia Allman (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
June Allyson (Good News; Interlude)
Kris Alvarez (Stranger in Town)
Lauren Ambrose (Admissions)
Carl Amery (Rio das Mortes)
Luana Anders (The Killing Kind)
Mignon Anderson (A Wife on Trial)
Eveyln Ankers (Weird Woman)
Ethan Aronoff (The Census Taker)
Tabanobu Asano (Ruang Rak Noi Nid Mahasan)

Georgia Backus (Citizen Kane)
Mary Baldwin (I, Madman)
Eric Bana (The Time Traveler's Wife)
Adrienne Barbeau (Bridge Across Time)
Bridgett Baron (Evil Has a Face)
Alan Barry (In the Name of the Father)
Frances Bay (The Attic; Foul Play)
Ned Beatty (Shadows in a Storm)
Paul Benjamin (Escape from Alcatraz)
Richard Benjamin (Goodbye, Columbus)
Marcia Bennett (Remember Me; The Sweetest Gift)
Joan Blackham (Keep the Aspidistra Flying)
Deborah Blaisdell (Wimps)
Kevin Blatch (Echo)
Moritz Bleibtreu (Agnes and His Brothers)
Joan Blondell (Desk Set)
Claire Bloom (The Spy Who Came in from the Cold)
Sandrine Bonnaire (Intimate Strangers)
Dot Braun (Age to Age)
Mary Brian (Navy Blues)
Sandy Broad (The Rosary Murders)
Lillian Bronson (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)
Dina Brooks (Public Access)
Blair Brown (Follow the Stars Home)
Adam Bryant (Awakenings)
Jan Burrell (Christine)
Patricia Butcher (With Honors)

Isla Cameron (The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie)
Louis Campbell (Scandal Street)
David Cargill (Information Received)
John Cartwright (Death of a Son)
Kristin Chenoweth (Music Man)
Marcus Chong (The Matrix)
Nirvana Cobb (Compensation)
Jacqueline Cole (Wacko)
Tom Conti (Norman Conquests)
Beverly Cooper (Summer of the Monkeys)
Melville Cooper (Pride and Prejudice)
Ellen Corby (Peggy)
Valeria Curtin (Maxie)

Beth Daly (Dream with the Fishes)
Patricia Darling (The Stepford Children)
Bette Davis (Storm Center)
Geena Davis (Fletch)
Kate Davis (Final Notice)
Stringer Davis (Miss Marple)
Kristine DeBell (Alice in Wonderland)
Judi Dench (Wetherby)
Catherine Deneuve (Agent Trouble)
Alex Diakun (Earnest Rides Again)
Carole Douglas (The Big Sleep)
Alice Drummond (Ghostbusters)
Claire Du Brey (Within the Law)
Dortha Duckworth (Stanley and Iris)
Monique Dykstra (Encounters)

Barbara Eden (7 Faces of Dr. Lao)
Eric Edwards (Blade)
Elaine M. Ellis (Dear Frankie)
Aunjanue Ellis (Men of Honor)
Heinz Erhardt (Witmer mit 5 Töchern)
Naima Eriksen (Delivery Boys)
Lee Evans (voice) (Dinotopia)

Abram Faarc (Vera)
Frances Fisher (Do Me a Favor)
Louis Fitch (The Mechanic)
Nina Foch (Morning Glory)
Bridget Fonda (A Simple Plan)
Fred Fondren (Joey Breaker)
June Foray (Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland)
Byron Foulger (Quiet Please, Murder)
James Frain (Where the Heart Is)
Kathleen Freeman (Chances Are)
Stephen Fry (MirrorMask)
Drew Fuller (The Ultimate Gift)
Herve Furic (A Winter's Tale)
Stephen Furst (Everything's Jake)

Greer Garson (Adventure)
Finola Geraghty (Digging Holes)
Pamela Gien (The Last Supper)
Jack Gilford (They Might Be Giants)
Linda Gillen (Computercide)
Mary Pat Gleason (Lorenzo's Oil)
Stacy Graham (Harvey Middleman, Fireman)
Gloria Grahame (The Man Who Never Was)
Sarah Griffiths (Talking to Strange Men)
Charles Grodin (Heart and Souls)
Nicky Guadagni (Buried Secrets)
Lara Guirao (The Old Lady Who Walked in the Sea)

Minna Haapkyla (Lovers & Leavers)
Katy Hale (Complicity)
Lois Hall (Letter to My Killer)
Suzanna Hamilton (Tale of a Vampire)
Sheila Hancock (Doctor in Love)
Tom Hanks (Joe Versus the Volcano)
Lillian Harmer (No Man of Her Own)
B.J. Harrison (I've Been Waiting for You)
Goldie Hawn (Foul Play)
Jennifer Hayden (Meeting Mr. Subian)
Susan Heldfond (Love and Money)
Marilu Henner (Hammett)
Katharine Hepburn (Desk Set)
Andrea Heuer (Lola)
Noel Hewitt (Quartermass and the Pit)
Sid Hillman (City of Angels)
Alan Howard (The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover)
Virginia Howell (Girls' School)
Noel Howlett (Five Million Years to Earth)
Roddy Hughes (So Well Remembered)
Lee Hunsaker (Olympia)
Kim Hunter (Storm Center)
Mary Beth Hurt (Head Over Heels)

Derek Jacobi (Revelation)
Harry James (One Eight Seven)
Allison Janney (Primary Colors)
John Jelks (Compensation)
Zita Johann (Raiders of the Living Dead)
Justine Johnston (Running on Empty)
Orlando Jones (The Time Machine, 2002)
Shirley Jones (Music Man)
James Robertson Justice (You Must Be Joking!)

Carol Kane (Freaky Friday)
Nellie Kaplan (NEA)
Conrad Karlson (Killer Instinct)
Julie Kavner (The Girl Who Couldn't Lose)
Mayme Kelso (The Lost Romance)
Irene Kessler (Criminal Law)
Dian Kobayashi (Ophelia Learns to Swim)
Nicolette Krebitz (All the Queen's Men)
Christopher Kriesa (The Perfect Nanny)
Cecile Kung (Jenatsch)

Dominique Labourier (Phantom Ladies over Paris)
Suzy Lafer (The Naked Gun 2 1/2)
Miriam Leake (The Fragile Heart)
Alison Leggatt (This Happy Breed)
Lillian Lehman (The Seven Minutes)
Bethel Leslie (Ironweed)
Jet Li (Black Mask)
Viveca Lindfors (Sylvia)
Christopher Lloyd (The Pagemaster)
Deborah Lobban (The Caveman's Valentine)
Arthur Loft (Start Cheering)
Jay Loftin (Pickup on South Street)
Carole Lombard (No Man of Her Own)
Laurel Lyle (Old Gringo)

Mary MacLeod (Hear My Song)
Eily Malyon (Shadow of a Doubt)
Mary Marsh (Deception: A Mother's Secret
Andrea Martin (Stepping Out; Martha, Ruth & Edie)
Kitty Martin (A Likeness in Stone)
Shirley Mason (Putting it Over)
Anna Massey (Peeping Tom)
Richard Masur (Bound by Honor)
Melinda May (Cop-Out)
Virginia Mayo (Wonder Man)
Melinda Mays (Stranger in the House)
May McAvoy (Only 38)
Joe McDonald (Mindkiller)
Alethea McGrath (Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones)
Carol McGuigan (Billy Elliot)
Paul McVey (Lady in the Dark)
Carlo de Majo (House by the Cemetery)
Ron Menchine (All the President's Men)
Doro Merande (Making It)
Dina Merril (Desk Set)
Daniel Mesguich (Love on the Run)
Annie Meyers-Shyer (I Love Trouble)
Vera Miles (FBI Story, Web of Evidence)
Penelope Anne Miller (The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag)
Hayley Mills (Twisted Nerve)
Valerie Minifie (Stanley's Dragon)
Miou-Miou (La Totale!)
Helen Mirren (Cal)
Delores Mitchell (Autumn in New York)
Rie Miyazawa (Chichi to Kuraseba)
Mary Ann Mobley (The Girl on the Late, Late Show)
James Murtaugh (All the President's Men)

Michaela Nelligan (Incident at Dark River)
Mark Nelson (The Seventh Coin)
Dorothy Neumann (Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell)
Bob Newhart (The Librarian)
Ed Nylund (The Remake)

Liam O'Callaghan (In the Name of the Father)
Tim O'Connor (Tail Gunner Joe)
Jennifer O'Neill (Personals; Time Changer)
Mimi Obler (Dragonfly)
Amanda Ooms (Wilderness)
Debra Orenstein (Follow the Stars Home)
Silvio Ornaldo (Matilda)

Allison Pace (The White River Kid)
Palmieri (Whispering City)
Jill Parker-Jones (A Season for Miracles)
Mandy Patinkin (Maxie)
Julie Payne (Monkey Trouble)
David Peevers (The Changeling)
John Philliber (It Happened Tomorrow)
Susan Philpot (Straight Talk)
Peggy Platt (Harry and the Hendersons)
Suzanne Pleshette (Rome Adventure)
Hilda Plowright (Philadelphia Story)
Parker Posey (Party Girl)
Volker Prechtel (Name of the Rose)
Jonathan Pryce (Brazil)

Pu Quanxin (The Blue Kite)

Donna Reed (It's A Wonderful Life)
Crystal Reeves (Apartment for Peggy)
Tim Reid (It)
Judge Reinhold (Off Beat)
Adeline De Walt Reynolds (The Human Comedy)
Renie Riano (Mr. Moto in Danger Island)
Joely Richardson (Heading Home)
Natasha Richardson (The Comfort of Strangers; Handmaid's Tale)
Ralph Richardson (Rollerball)
Olav Riego (Skuggan)
Jason Robards (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
Tim Robbins (Shawshank Redemption)
Julia Roberts (Sleeping with the Enemy)
Lynn Roberts (Quiet Please, Murder)
Ann Robinson (War of the Worlds)
John Rothman (Ghostbusters; Sophie's Choice)
Toby Russ (The Dunwich Horror)
Rosalind Russell (The Girl Rush)
Rene Russo (Major League)

Rachel Sacco (The Case of the Deadly Flamingo)
Eva Marie Saint (Because of Winn-Dixie)
John Salew (Night of the Demon)
Maya Sansa (Buongiorno, notte)
Carol Savage (As Young as You Feel)
Cybil Scotford (Scream, Blackula, Scream!)
Dorothy Scott (My Bodyguard)
Martha Scott (So Well Remembered)
Angus Scrimm (Transylvania Twist)
Dorothy Sebastian (The Spirit of Youth)
Peter Sellers (Only Two Can Play)
Kerry Shale (The Misadventures of Margaret)
Sarah Selby (The Seventh Victim)
Janet Sherkow (To Love, Honor, and Deceive)
Leonor Silveira (The Convent)
John Simm (Miranda)
Jean Simmons (Mr. Sycamore)
Olivia Sklar (Sidewalk Stories)
Jamie Smith-Jackson (All the President's Men)
Carrie Snodgrass (The Attic)
Marilyn Sokol (Foul Play)
Milo Sperber (Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons)
Mary Stacey (Putting It Over)
Barbara Stanwyck (Forbidden)
Meri Stevens (Down with America; Down with America 3: Moldy Kitten)
Barbara Stewart (First Do No Harm)
Cassie Stewart (Hidden City)
Jaye Stewart (All the President's Men)

Tabu (The Namesake)
Ernest Thesiger (Caesar and Cleopatra)
Donna Todd (Slaughter of the Innocents)
Rip Torn (You're a Big Boy Now)
Liz Torres (Just Cause)
Stacey Travis (Deadly Dreams)
Florence Turner (The Broken Gate)
Carolyn Tweedle (Ms Bear)

Minerva Urecal (A Man Betrayed)

Lisa Vastine (Gods and Monsters)
Sasha von Sherler (Party Girl)

Noreen Walker (Somewhere in Time)
Tracey Walter (Philadelphia)
Monica Walsvick (Little Secrets)
Zoe Wanamaker (The Countess Alice)
Marlene Warfield (How I Got into College)
Bryant Washburn (A Very Good Young Man)
Rachel Weisz (The Mummy)
Elsie Weller (Hot Spell)
Philip Whitchurch (Defence of the Realm
Tudi Wiggins (My Side of the Mountain)
Claudia Wilkens (Drop Dead Gorgeous)
Michelle Williams (Station Agent)
Claire Windsor (The Blot)
Billy Wirth (Judicial Consent)
Ian Wolfe (Flesh and Fantasy)
MaryAnn Wourms (Solitude)
Hugh E. Wright (The Good Companions)
Sophia Wu (Finding Forrester)
Noah Wyle (The Librarian)

Jonathan Young (Principal Takes a Holiday)

Rosel Zech (Salmonberries)
Mara Zemdega (Red Hot)

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