Hort 298 Horticulture Internship Syllabus and Information Page
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Important Links:
letter of introduction and explanation
instruction form
10th day report
internship activity report

Employer Evaluation Form (filled out by the experience provider)

Final Report Outline

Please note: You may complete the final report in either of the following three formats: (or a combination of any of them)

1. create a blog and enter information at least weekly during the internship. You will likely want to summarize the final report in an email, or a word document to avoid including personal or proprietary information on a blog, but otherwise you can show your learning experience, update photographs of your work, and measure your progress from beginning to end, in accordance with the final report outline.

2. create a powerpoint® presentation that reflects the learning experience, and includes written and photographic documentation of all points of the final report outline.

3. create a thorough written word document that reports on all points of the final report outline. It is helpful if you include in your writing some photographic information as well.

Here is how you should send in the evaluation/reports:

After first three or four days, 10th day report
Second week, email update
Third week, internship activity report, and employer evaluation
Fourth week, email update
Fifth week, internship activity report, and employer evaluation
Sixth week, email update
Seventh week, internship activity report, and employer evaluation
Eighth week, email update
Ninth week, email update
Tenth week, (or by the last week of the semester) Final report


Hort 298 is the "cooperative work experience," or "internship" experience that is required of all Horticulture majors.  Included below are the various forms and information that students and employers are to use in completing the internship:

Explanation of course:
The Internship experience that we have developed at BYU Idaho for over two decades has become a great help to the individual students who enter and graduate from our applied associate and bachelor programs.  It provides an opportunity to meet many of the people that they will be interacting with  as the future unfolds.

Course objectives:
To facilitate on-site learning in the horticulture industries.  To provide an opportunity for students to gain well documented work experience, with specific goals and objectives (determined by the student and the experience provider) leading to future employment in similar businesses.  To provide hands-on, applied learning in the real world of the area of study emphasized by the student.

Please note that the instruction form gives a very detailed description of the internship experience.  Please follow the link above for those details.

Pre-requisite:  Hort 288
Hort 288 is a preparatory course to help the student prepare for the completion of a full internship during the following spring, summer, or fall.  Students should enroll in Hort 288 during the winter semester if they plan to complete an internship either in the summer or fall of the coming school year.

A few notes of explanation:
The internship requirement for the Floral Design Management program is 3.0 credits of Hort 298.  This represents the student intern working for 10 weeks, 40 hours per week, for a total of 400 hours.  The intern student should register for Hort 298 during 1st Summer block, or during the fall or winter semester, depending on the student's admission track, and plan on working for the next 10 weeks in an approved floral business.  Any exceptions must be approved in advance, prior to beginning work.  The Student Internship Agreement Form must be completed by the end of the semester.  You cannot begin your internship without this.  Students must currently maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher, must have completed at least one full semester of preparatory courses in the Floral Design Management Program at BYU Idaho, and have the approval of the faculty advisor in order to be qualified for an internship.

 Please refer to the BYUI internship office web page for details and information about the University policies regarding internships.

Internship enrollment process is clearly spelled out on the following link