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The Holy Scriptures

BYU Idaho Education Week  Aug. 1-3, 2019

Series One:  Gift of the Holy Ghost
  • Part One--The Gift of the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Rebirth
  • Part Two--Necessity of Sabbath and Sacrament in Mainting the Gift of the Holy Ghost
  • Part Three--Gift of the Holy Ghost and the Ministering of Angels

Series Two: Premortal Existence; Purpose of the Second

Estate;Post Mortal Spirit World

Past Presentations

BYU Idaho Education Week  Aug. 2-4, 2018

Series Title: The Role of “The Promises Made To The Fathers” in “The Great Plan
of The Eternal God”
  • Part One: The Overall Objective of the Great Plan of the Eternal God
  • Part Two: The Purpose and Objective of the Second Estate--The 7,000 Years of the Earth's "Coantinuance" or "Temporal Existence"
  • Part Three: Moroni, Joseph Smith, and "The Promises Made to the Fathers":  Restoration Background

  • Part Four: The Age of Adam and Enoch and the Establishment of "the Chosen See" or the 'Lord's Servant Seed'
  • Part Five: The Enochian Covenant
  • Part Six: The Abrahamic Covenant
  • Part Seven: The Israelite National Covenant: The Promises Made to the House of Israel
  • Part Eight: The Davidic Covenant: The Promises Made to King David
  • Part Nine: The Fulfillment of the Promises Made to the Fathers in the Last Days and the Millennium

  • Power Point Slides

DIsciple Leadership  May 17, 2017
Faculty Inservice  -  March 24, 2016

Phil Whiteman Memorial Library

Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel

BYU-Idaho  Education Week 2014

Our Premortal Experience

The Purpose of Our Mortality in the Great Plan of Happiness

The Post Mortal Spirit World
  • The Post Mortal Spirit World  (HTML Presentation Quotes)
  • Teachings Concerning the Spirit World  (PDF- Collection of Quotes from Scripture and members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles,  28 pages)
  • Some thoughts concerning learning doctrine from scripture from Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Alumni Webcast - March 27, 2014

Memoirs of a Palestinian   Power Point Presentation

Eastern Idaho Family History Conference  2014

Ricks College Education Week - June 2001
      Under the Siege of Wickedness - The Role of Man and Woman


BYUI Education Week - June 2002

      The Story of Lachoneus: A Pattern of Defense Against 
           Wickedness in the Last Days
       The Reformation
       The Law of Worship and the Law of Sacrifice
       The Necessity for the Priesthood Ordinances of Salvation

BYUI 18th Annual Religious Lecture Series (Jan. 31, 2004)
         The Apostle John and the Anti-Christ Problem
               Presentation Notes

BYUI 19th Annual Religious Lecture Series (Jan 2005)
        The Kirland School of the Prophets 
             (see my Professional Writings Link)
        "Never Have I Showed Myself Unto Man"

BYUI  Education Week  June 22-25, 2005

The Divine Origin and Potential of Man
Death and the Spirit World
The Purpose of Mortality
The Resurrection
Final Judgment

BYUI 20th Annual Religious Lecture Series

From Adam to Joseph Smith: The initiation and Restoration of Temple Ordinances

BYUI  Mother's Weekend March 17-19 2006

Men and Women of Faith

BYUI  Education Week  June28 - July 1, 2006

Tabernacle of Moses
Solomonic Temple
Herod's Temple

The Eternal Family of God
Counsel From the Prophets Concerning Marriage and Child-Bearing
Counsel From the Prophets Concerning Righteous Family Living

BYUI Mother's Weekend   March 3, 2007

The Story of Lachoneus (3 Ne. 3-4): A Pattern of Defense Against Evil in the Last Days

BYUI Education Week  July 19-21, 2007

The following are either notes  or quotes used in the following presentations:

Nourishing and Maintaining Spirituality

Faith:  The Power of God and Man

Endowed With Power From on High

BYUI Education Week  July 19-21, 2007

The following are quotes and pictures used in the following presentations (some presentations have no online sources):

Background Studies to the New Testament
Studies in the Book of Mormon

BYU Idaho Mother's Week  October 2008

BYU Idaho Education Week  July 2009

The Kirtland School of the Propehts

Thou Shalt Keep the Sabbath Day Holy
  • The following were used in the Purpose of the Sabbath Day Presentation

BYU Idaho Education Week July 2010

The Millennium

The Gift of the Holy Ghost

The Atonement of Jesus Christ

BYU Idaho Education Week July 2012

Ancient Temple Worship
A Virtous Woman ... Far Above Rubies

The Eternal Obtaining and Development of Man's Divine Potential