Religion 211
New Testament  

A study of the Four Gospels.



         Winter 2013


  • The Four Standard Works  -  The Scriptures  (PLEASE BRING HARD COPIES--No electronic devices allowed unless approved by teacher)
  • The Testimony of Matthew  -- This is the Jospeh Smith Translation of the Gospel of Matthew  (This source must be consulted to complete the scriptural reading assignments.)

Resources for the Study of the Gospel (Testimony) of St. Matthew

The Three-Fold Structure of Matthew

Themes in Matthew

Teachings and Commentary Regarding the Gospel of Matthew  (a work in progess)

The JST of Matthew

"Scribes, Pharisees, Hypocrites": A Study in Hypokrisis 
A facinating study of what the Greek word "Hypocrite" meant in New Testament Times.

Matthew Write-ups  The following are write-ups about each of the various narratives and discources that I have written.  They discuss things we have discussed in class, but in perhaps greater detail.  These would be helpful for you to read through to review for the essay.

   The Prologue
        Matthew 1-2: The Birth of Christ Narrative

    The Main Body
        Matthew 3-4: The First Narrative and Discourse
          Matthew 8-10: The Second Narrative and Discourse
          Matthew 11-13: The Third Narrative and Discourse
          Matthew 14-18: The Fourth Narrative and Discourse
          Matthew 19-25: The Fifth Narrative and Discourse

Resources for the Study of the Testimony of Luke

The Themes of the Gospel of Luke

Resources for the Study of the Gospel (testimony)of  St. John

Themes of the Gospel of St. John

The Testimony of John  (JST John -  thru chapter 8 is ready)

Adoption into the Family of God

Scholarly articles regarding the Gospel of John

Introductory Background Articles

Quotes Used in Class

Pictures and Charts and Other Helps


Books for the Study of the New Testament