Biblical Hebrew 101
First Day Power Point

Course Objectives
  1. The first objective for the Biblical Hebrew 101 and 102 courses is to be able to train a student in being able to both read and translate the Biblical Hebrew text of the bible with rudimentary proficiency.  Upon competing the two courses, the student will have the books necessary and the rudimentary skills to continue to translate the biblical text on their own. 
  2. The second objective is for the student to demonstrate how the skill of translating a biblical text can elucidate the doctrinal teachings found within the text.


Winter 2015  

Course Texts
The following are the REQUIRED texts that will be used in this course:

1. * A Reader's Hebrew Bible (Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia)
2. * Biblical Hebrew Workbook: An Inductive Study for Beginners, A. Vanlier Hunter
3. * A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament,  William L. Holladay
4. * Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar,  Pratico and Pelt, 2nd Edition
5.  Biblical Hebrew Laminated Sheet (Zondervan Get an A! Study Guides)   --  This is extremely helpful in learning the Biblical Hebrew!

*All of these texts marked with an asterisk are available in the bookstore and

 If you are having trouble with understanding grammatical concepts (such as, What is a syllabul? What is meant by gender? What is meant by number? What is an article, such as a definite article? What is a conjunction? What is a noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, particple, infinitive, gerund, verb, tense, aspect, imperative, cohortative, jussive, mood, voice. clause, subject, direct object, indirect object?)  you may want to get the following very helpful book:
The lexicon is the beginning of learning the definitions of Hebrew words.  For greater understanding of the word, how it is used, you may want to get the following:
The following is the cheat book: it will analyze (parse) any word or verb:

Slides for Classroom Use

Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Letters: How to Write Them

Handbook Pages 4-11

Rules of the Shewa No. 1

Rules of the Shewa No. 2  (Pratico and Van Pelt)

Excercise in Reading Hebrew Words

Chapter One in Thomas O. Lambdin (Harvard Un.),  Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (1971), pages XV-XXVIIi

Hebrew Strong Verb Paradigm--Weingreen's Hebrew Grammar

Hebrew Strong Verb Paradigm Full Verb--Lamanated Sheet

Hebrew Strong Verb Paradigm Perfect Imperf Imp - lamenated chart

1st Letter Aleph Verb Chart -- amar  ("to say") paradigm

Biblical Hebrew Texts


First List of Words

Second List of Words


Online Biblical Hebrew Sites
Learn the Hebrew Alphabet Index
Handwriting the Hebrew Letters
Learning Hebrew Verbs
Learning Hebrew  Nouns

Biblical Greek and Hebrew Paradigms Quiz