Teachings Regarding

The Atonement of
Jesus Christ

The atonement is the most transcendent event that ever has occurred or ever will occur from creation's morn through all the endless ages of eternity. It is the occasion on which a God paid the ransom to reclaim fallen man, and all created things, from the effects of Adam's fall. In it, Jesus Christ, who became the first immortal flesh, paid the penalty for the transgression of the First Adam who was the first mortal flesh. In it, the Only Begotten made amends for a broken law, satisfied the demands of justice, and took upon himself the sins of all men on conditions of repentance. Through it, all men are raised in immortality while those who believe and obey are raised also unto eternal life in the kingdom of the Father. The atonement makes possible a reconciliation between God and man; it provides a Savior and a Redeemer for mortals; it gives man an advocate and an intercessor in the courts above. The atonement is the great and eternal plan of redemption.
Bruce R. McConkie
A New Witness for the Articles of Faith (1985), p.107

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Meaning of the Word Atonement
The Need for the Atonement
Justice, Mercy, and the Atonement
Teachings Concerning the Scriptural Account of the Atonement
What Christ Suffered
Christ Descended Below All Things As Part of the Atonement
The Atonement Can Raise Us Above All Things
Christ Suffered For All
Christ's Atonement is Infinite
Atonement is General For All Mankind and Individual
WIth Justice Satisified Man May Be Redeemed
Mankind is Bought With a Price
Atonement Reconciles Man With God
Christ Has Become the Advocate With the Father
Saved By the Grace of the Atonement and Not By Works
Access to the Atonement is Gained Through Good Works
Holy Ghost Administers the Cleansing Effect of Atonement
What If There Was No Atonement?
The Kingdoms of Glory the End Result of Atonement
Common Mistakes in Applying Atonement
God Knew Our Iniquites Before the World Was Created
Justice Demands Atonement
Man's Nature Can Be Changed Through the Atonement
Because of the Atonement, Christ Will Be Our Judge
The Atonement WIll Eventually Resolve All Inequities of Life
The Atonement Will Also Benefit Those Sinned Against
The Enabling Power of the Atonement


"Christ's Atonement, of course, is for super sinners and the midrange sinners and then good people who make a lot of mistakes but are not wicked!"

Neal A. Maxwell

"The Holy Ghost: Glorifying Christ," Ensign, July 2002, p.56