Wicked Remain in Spirit Prison During Millennium

Joseph Fielding Smith

However, if we have not kept the commandments of the Lord, if we have been unjust, and lovers of sin and our hearts have been set upon evil, then we shall die and shall not live again until the thousand years are ended. It is decreed that the unrighteous shall have to spend their time during this thousand years in the prison house prepared for them where they can repent and cleanse themselves through the things which they shall suffer.

John, in his great vision, saw the rest of the dead and they lived not again until the thousand years were ended. That is a calamity -- it is a dreadful thing to contemplate, for there shall be a great host of men swept off the face of the earth because of their wickedness. The bodies of these will have to remain in the grave and their spirits in the spirit house to be taught repentance and faith in God while the thousand years of peace are progressing upon the earth.

I wish, my good brethren and sisters, that we would read these revelations, that we would make ourselves more familiar with that which they contain, for there shall be a judgment when Christ comes. We are informed that the books shall be opened, the dead shall be judged out of the things which are written in the books and among the books will be the book of life. We shall see its pages; we shall see ourselves just as we are. And we are to understand with a righteous understanding that the judgments which are meted out to us are just and true, whether we come into the kingdom of God, to receive these glorious blessings, or whether we are banished into the realm of the dead. (Doctrines of Salvation, 3:59-60)