Religion 235
Building an Eternal Marriage

A study of the doctrines, principles and practices which will establish a successful, gospel-centered eternal marriage.

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  • Family: Guidebook (Published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2006)

Temple Symbolism

  • John A. Widstoe, Temple Worship (A Lecture by Elder John A. Widstoe, delivered under the auspices of the Genealogical Society of Utah, at the Assembly Hall, Temple Block, Salt Lake City, Tuesday evening, October 12, 1920.)
  • LDS Temple Worship - From the Encyclopedia of Mormonism  (The Encyclopedia of Mormonism, published in 1992, "is a semioffical encyclopedia for topics relevant toThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." (Wiki) Though initiated by Macmillan publishers, the editors were LDS and the authors were mainly LDS scholars.  It was meant to be as professional as possible with most authors PhD's. It is in no way anti-LDS but rather used as a means for people to learn about the church.  It is available online for free.   I have put together quotes from various articles about various aspects of temple worship.  These articles stay within proper limits of what can be talked about regarding the temple.
The name Conference Report is the Church's official report of each general conference and is published under that title.  This is NOT the conference issue of the Ensign.

Resources for Building an Eternal Marriage

LDS Online Sources

  • Self-Reliance (Finances, Food Storage, Emergency Prepardness, etc.)
  • World Wide Leadership Training Meetings

General Patterns and Specific Lives

Keys to Building an Eternal Marriage

My wife, Carol, having examined our marriage (after thirty years of marriage), found the following keys essential to building to the success of our eternal marriage.

(Though numbered for ease of identifying, these are not really subject to a heirarchal order):

Key # 1    Follow the Brethren  (the prophet, seers, and revelators)

Key # 2   Continue in Line upon Line Learning by Study and By Faith

Key # 3    Always Keep an Eternal Perspective in Your Marriage

Key # 4    Remember What you are Trying to Become in the Eternal Plan

Key # 5  Use the Power of Faith in Your Marriage

Key # 6  Learn and Apply the Doctrine of Marriage and Family

                (Including the Divine Roles of Men and Women asTaught by the

                Prophets and Apostles)

Key # 7    Build a Gospel-Centered Home

Key # 8    Continually Nurture Your Marriage

Key # 9    Beware of  the Enemy of Divorce

Key # 10  Endure to the End in Your Marriage

Other Issues


Education and the Practice of Life-Long Learning

Learn to Adjust

Counseling Together in Marriage  Randy Keyes

Avoid Contention

Lehi's Dream
and Your Marriage
  • 1 Nephi 8:19-24, 30  To get to the tree of life, one must catch hold of "the rod of iron" and progress through "the strait and narrow path." 
  • 2 Nephi 31:17 tells us that entrance into the strait and narrow path is through the ordinances of baptism and laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost.  We understand then that the strait and narrow path refers to the ordinances of the priesthood.  One must cling to the rod of iron or the word of God to successfully navigate the strait and narrow path.
  • President Ezra Taft Benson, in a talk entiled, "The Power of the Word" (Ensign, May 1986, pp. 79-82) , taught that the  rod of iron or the word of God is found in three sources:  "The word of God, as found in the scriptures, in the words of living prophets, and in personal revelation, has the power to fortify the Saints and arm them with the Spirit so they can resist evil, hold fast to the good, and find joy in this life."
  • Helaman 3:27-30  In these verses Mormon states that those who successfully navigate the strait and narrow path come to the tree "land their souls, yea, their immortal souls, at the right hand of God in the kingdom of heaven, to sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and with Jacob" (vs. 30).  Reference to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is to the covenant God made with these fathers.  These same promises are sealed upon those married in the temple. 
  • D&C 132:5-7, 19-25  The marriage ordinance -- part of the temple ordinances -- are part of the strait and narrow path.  In fact, they represent the narrow portion of the strait and narrow path.  Elder Delbert L. Stapley of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles discussed this in the April 1955 general conference.   Said he, "All who have repented and then been baptized and received the Holy Ghost by authorized servants of God have entered in by the straight gate. The narrow way can only be followed by obedience and faithfulness to all the sacred ordinances and requirements of the higher gospel plan, obtained in the holy temples of God."  He justified this by discussing D&C 131 and 132.  Click here to read the whole talk. 
  • D&C 84:19-27  The strait and narrow represents the two gospels discussed in the scriptures. (see D&C 84:19-27)  Elder Bruce R. McConkie taught:  "There are two gospels -- the preparatory gospel and the fulness of the everlasting gospel. There are two proclamations, two pronouncements of glad tidings, two messages of light and truth and power, which God has given to his people at one time or another. What the people receive at any given moment in time depends upon them. The Lord gives them all of his word, or only a portion, depending on "the heed and diligence which they give unto him." If all men had open hearts and receptive minds; if they desired righteousness and sought truth in preference to all else; if they conformed to every true principle they received -- all would accept the fulness of his gospel and join that church and kingdom which is always administered for the benefit and blessing of mankind. As it is written: "He that will harden his heart, the same receiveth the lesser portion of the word; and he that will not harden his heart, to him is given the greater portion of the word, until it is given unto him to know the mysteries of God until he know them in full." (Alma 12:9-10.)  As is evident from the pure meaning of the words themselves, the fulness of the everlasting gospel has always existed and will continue to endure forever; the preparatory gospel, on the other hand, is not eternal in nature, but is something that goes before and makes people ready for the receipt of the fulness of saving truth. (The Promised Messiah [1978], p.404)
    Click here for further discussion regarding the two gospels.

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