Relief of Kirtland

(Picture taken by Bruce Satterfield)

The original town of Kirtland was located in a valley through which the Chagrin River ran.  This area is called the Kirtland flats.  When the Church moved from New York to Ohio, the bluff to the east of the Chagrin River became the area in which most members of the Church built homes.  The two highlighted areas in this picture show the position of the Kirtland Temple (on top of the hill) in relation to Newel K. Whitney's store and home in the valley near the Chagrin River.


Kirtland Flats

This is a close up of the Kirtland flats where Newel K. Whitney's home, store, and ashery were located.  The following photo shows the relationship between the Whitney's store and their home.


(Photo taken by Bruce Satterfield)