Professor of Interesting Stuff

I must admit the title is not originally mine.  I first saw it on the door of a sociology professor at Purdue.  I really liked it and so while I was waiting for my official door plaque I put up a paper sign on my office door that read: 

 Stephen C. Smith, Ph. D.

Professor of Interesting Stuff. 

Students began asking me, "what's so interesting?"  So I started putting up things I found interesting.  Then students began knocking on my door to offer comments and responses.  So I started putting up blank pages for written comments.  That's the story.  Below are links to things that have been on my door.  Some of them are outdated or nor longer relevant, but they once made the door.


Unequal resources?

Deviance or Devotion?

Gender inequalities

Dog for dinner?


Buy nothing day

Give a man a fish ...

Christmas quiz

Too many girls?


War on Iraq

Got Caffeine?

Objective observer

 Latin American friends or foes

 Communist Party