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Jazz Goals

These goals are designed to give direction to one's learning in the jazz idiom.  They are used in Sound Alliance to ensure that students go beyond practicing their band music and learn the jazz idiom.  They are required to chose three goals and customize them to their current situation.  Any questions or advice may be directed to Dr. Watkins at or (208) 496-4976.


Basic Chord Technique

Basic Scale Technique

Composing and Arranging

Improvised Performance

improvised performance 2

jazz Studies Course


More Basic Scale Technique

Other Chord

Patterns, Motives, Licks

Personal Practice

Piano Technique

Playing Swing Style

Private Study

Research in Jazz History

Scale/Chord Pairing

Solo Transcription

Student Proposed Project

Theory Study


Materials that might help in achieving some of these goals can be found under Resources.
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