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Dr. Mark Watkins graduated from Brigham Young University and received his doctorate in five woodwind instruments from Indiana University. He studied saxophone with Eugene Rousseau and Daniel Deffayet and jazz with David Baker. Dr. Watkins has performed throughout the U.S. and in  England, Wales, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Canada, Chile, Thailand, Singapore, The Philippines, Iceland, Scotland, Germany, Luxembourg, The Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico and produced six CD's. Ed Calle comments about the CD, FOUR: On Warm Summer's Evenin' (2010 Jazz Hang), "Two of the most appealing dimensions of FOUR’s offering are Watkins’ pen and the virtuosity of each individual. Watkins’ diversified, fresh, and engaging writing results in new discoveries with every listen." His compositions are published by Walrus, Roncorp/Northeastern, Dorn, and FOURjazz. "Ferociously-delicious arrangements…you never know what's coming next and, like Beethoven, it's always the perfect thing that follows." (Noah Peterson, KPSU Radio Portland). Dr. Watkins’ saxophone tone production research has led to numerous presentations including four World Saxophone Congresses and several national and regional events. He has published articles in periodicals including The Saxophone Symposium and JAZZed Magazine. He has several book projects nearing completion with titles: Studies with the Bird: Foundational Jazz Articulation and Saxophone Sound: A View from the Inside as well as his ebook, Fundamental Jazz Improvisation: What Everybody Thinks You Already Know. Dr. Watkins served as Director of Woodwind Studies at North Dakota State University and is currently Director of Jazz Studies at BYU–Idaho.

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