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Printable Resources (Jazz)

These materials are used for the instruction of students in Jazz Improvisation 1 and 2 and in the saxophone studio at BYU–Idaho but are made available to prospective students and the broader jazz and saxophone communities. All documents are copyrighted by Mark Watkins but may be used for educational purposes.  No part may be published without written permission.  Files are in PDF format.  This is a work in prgress; please forgive any type-o's.

Course Outlines

These outlines recommend a course of study through the materials herein.  Page numbers are not included in the documents but applicable sections may be found via title or descriptive content.

Semester 1

Semester 2


Improvisation courses at BYU–Idaho use secure Web sites.  Recordings are made available to students exemplifying the concepts in this chapter.  Copyright laws prevent their posting herein.


Rhythmic Vocabulary

Of particular use to BYU–Idaho students is a catalog of Parker excerpts in .mp3 format.  This allows them to study each example in the written document, listen to the aural representation, play along and imitate the style.  As above, copyright laws prohibit posting online.


Theory 1

This section and the next (Theory 2) includes worksheet packets as required in the course outlines above.

Theory 2

Practice Techniques

Improv Solo Composition assighnments indicated on the outlines are here as Practice Technique #7.  It is highly recommended that students work hard in the area as these Practice Techniques are the foundation for internalizing jazz theory and are of great use in gaining mandatory technique.  Jerry Coker's Patterns for Jazz will also help tremendously.


Assignment Packet #6: Blues is included at the end of the chapter.

Rhythm Changes

Form and Structure

Intros and Tags

Chord Progression

Substitutions and Turnarounds


Tips on pulling things together with a combo are mentioned.

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