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"Man will begin to recover the moment he takes art as seriously as physics, chemistry, or money."

Ernst Levy

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Learning Woodwind Fundamentals: Teaching Sequence, Exercises, and Music for College Woodwind

     Techniques Courses. DMus. Diss., Indiana University, June, 1994. 

The method book found in the appendix of this disseertation is used as a supplement in BYU–Idaho's Woodwing Methods course as performance and exercise material.

The Saxophonist’s Vocal Tract: A View from the Inside.

Compiling hundreds of fluoroscope and endoscope footage of the invisible workings of saxophone playing, this is a present sabbatical leave project in writing stage; the book/DVD is a culmination of 16 year's research, three world presentations, two national, and three articles.

Fundamentals in Jazz improvisation: What Everybody Thinks You Already Know.

This is a text used for teaching Jazz Improvisation 1 and 2 at BYU–Idaho.  It is a collection of resources, explanatory and in worksheet form, developed over the past 10 years at this institution.  Chapters are available for perusal to the left: Jazz Studies>Resources.


The Saxophonist’s Vocal Tract Part I : Introduction, Problem, Research, and Results” The Saxophone

     Symposium, vol. 27, (2002), pp. 51-78.
The Saxophonist’s Vocal Tract Part 2 : Explanations.” The Saxophone Symposium, vol. 28, (2003),

     pp. 1-45.
The Saxophonist’s Vocal Tract Part 3 : Pedagogy, Conclusion” The Saxophone Symposium, vol. 28,

     (2003), pp. 45-78.


Published by Walrus Music
Come What May
Doctor Brother’s Music Box
Don’t Step On Your Neck
The House that My Father Built
Jack the Giant Killer
Lullaby for Amy
Of Things Hoped For
On a Warm Summer’s Evenin’
Peas in a Pod
The Revival
Sunset in Sperlonga
Vanilla Cream Soda
With Friends Like These

Published by Roncorp/Northeastern
A Life in the Day: Prelude (for saxophone quartet)
A Life in the Day: Fugue (for saxophone quartet)
Mozart Concerto, K. 191 for tenor saxophone and piano
Vivaldi Concerto, F. VIII, No. 35 for tenor saxophone and piano


"Extended Techniques: A View from the Inside," XV World Saxophone Congress, July 10, 2009,

     Bangkok, Thailand

"Lesson with a Master, Charlie Parker: Articulation and Rhythm," Rangsit University, July 6, 2009,


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“Saxophone Articulation: Mechanism, Pedagogy, and Style,” XIV World Saxophone Congress, July 6,

     2006, Ljubljana, Slovenia
“Pedagogical Conclusions and Techniques for Teaching Saxophone Tone Production:  A Practical

     Analysis of Fluoroscope, Endoscope, Acoustic and Air Pressure Research,” 2000 World Saxophone

     Congress, July 7, 2000, Montreal, Canada
“Honky-Squawky, Slippy-Slidy, Buzz-Saw Saxophone Sound:  Fixing the Stereo Type,” Idaho Music

     Educator’s Association Conference, March 30, 2000, Idaho Falls, ID
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     1999 National Symposium, January 23, 1999, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
"Practical Methods for Teaching Saxophone Oral Cavity Formations Based on Fluoroscopy and Fiber

     Optic Research," Biennial Conference of the North American Saxophone Alliance, March 25-28,

     1998, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
“Jazz Saxophone Section Playing,” Minnesota Music Educator's Convention, February 13, 1998, lecture

     performance with the Hard-Bop Saxophone Quartet, Minneapolis, MN

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