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"If you feel that much of what you do this year or in the years to come does not make you very famous, take heart. Most of the best people who ever lived weren't very famous either. Serve and grow, faithfully and quietly."

Howard W. Hunter

(BYU Devotional Address1990)

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On Writing...

From Susan Sontag 


"What I write about is other than me.  As what I write is smarter than I am.  Because

I can rewrite it.  My books know what I once knew--fitfully, intermittently.  And getting

the best words on the page does not seem any easier, even after so many years of

writing.  On the contrary.


Here is the great difference between reading and writing.  Reading is a vocation,

a skill, at which, with practice, you are bound to become more expert.  What you

accumulate as a writer are mostly uncertainties and anxieties." 


from Directions: Write, Read, Rewrite, Repeat Steps 2 and 3 as Needed

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