Talks and Supplementary Materials
Top Ten Talks (and More...)
1.  The Profile of a Prophet.   By President Hugh B. Brown

2.  How to Know if Revelation is From the LordBy Elder Hartman Rector, Jr.

3.  The Purifying Power of GethsemaneBy Elder Bruce R. McConkie

4.  A More Determined DiscipleshipBy Elder Neal A. Maxwell

5.  All Church Coordinating CouncilBy President Boyd K. Packer

6.  The Spirit WorldBy Daniel H. Ludlow

7.  The Play and The PlanBy President Boyd K. Packer

8.  Our Strengths Can Become Our DownfallBy Elder Dallin H. Oaks

9.  Living Worthy of the Girl You Will Someday MarryBy President Gordon B Hinckley

10.  The Candle of the LordBy President Boyd K. Packer

11.  Prayers and AnswersBy President Boyd K. Packer

12.  To the Boys and to the MenBy President Gordon B. Hinckley

13.  Young Women's Perspectives in a Patriarchal SystemBy Maurine J. Turley

14.  The Chartered Course of the Church in EducationBy President J. Reuben Clark

15.  Tragedy or DestinyBy President Spencer W. Kimball

16.  His Great Heart Almost BreakingBy Melvin J. Ballard

17.  To the Mothers in Zion. By Pres. Ezra T. Benson

18.  A Scriptural Search for the 10 Tribes and Other Things We Lost
          By Joseph F. McConkie

19.  The Eternal Nature of the Law of Chastity.  By Elder Gene R. Cook

20.  The Seven Deadly HeresiesBy Elder Bruce R. McConkie

21.  The Unwritten Order of ThingsBy President Boyd K. Packer

22. Twenty Questions.  By Elder Russell M. Nelson

Talks for Classes
Religion 227- Pearl of Great Price

Religion 211 - The Gospels New Testament

Religion 241 - Church History 
Religion 121 - First Half of Book of Mormon 

Religion 122 - Second Half of Book of Mormon

Religion 372 - Introduction to Teaching the Gospel

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