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Office                        SM312

Office Hours           8:30-10:00 am MW, 3:00-4:00 TT 

Phone                       496-2063


Texts                         SPIN Selling Fieldbook - McGraw Hill by Neil Rackham

Other Materials     Assigned readings and cases will be accessed via I-Learn


Fees                            A $12.00 fee will be assessed for other course materials – i.e. cases and readings


Course Description & Goal

This is an introductory and highly-participatory course, with the goal of introducing students to fundamental principles of effective business-to-business professional selling and negotiations.  Through the use of case studies, other assigned readings, class discussion, role-plays, and a simulation students will recognize the importance of the sales process in an enterprise, and the value of negotiating skills in business and in life.


Course Objectives

·         Through use of the SPIN Selling Model, students will demonstrate the skill of identifying customer needs and how to provide a solution that meets those needs

·         Given a selling scenario, students will develop a written SPIN Model sales call plan

·         Given examples and applying the SPIN model, students will identify each category of questions, and the categories of customer needs

·         Given an example, students will identify who comprises a company’s “Buying Center”

·         Students will demonstrate the ability to define and give examples of fundamental negotiating terms

·         Given a negotiations scenario, students will determine BATNA, Reservation Price, and ZOPA.

·         Students will gain knowledge of technology’s use in selling through a written and verbal research assignment

·         Students will do all of the above in the context of remaining "steadfast and immovable" in adhering to moral, ethical, and gospel principles



Grades will be based on the following assignments and class activities:

Selling Portion

·         Assignments

·         SPIN Model Call Plan

·         Oral Exam (10 minutes one-on-one with the instructor--role play)

·         Participation (cold calls on preparation material, cold calls on role play, insightful questions, answers, and comments in class)

Negotiation Portion

·         Assignments

·         Test

Grading Scale



























   Course Schedule – always subject to change or revision!


Topics/Reading Assignment

What’s due?

April 17




Outcome: Understand and be convinced of the importance of larger account selling and be introduced to SPIN Selling


1. Prepare the Siebel Systems: Anatomy of a Sale, Part 2
This is part two of this case.  Part one is from the perspective of the Siebel salesperson. I would like you to come prepared for tell what you think Cathy Ridley would want from Gregg Carman--the Siebel sales person.  Also, assuming that Cathy is very interested in the Siebel CRM system, what additional steps do you think she will have to go through to purchase it.

2. Read: Spin Selling Fieldbook Chapter 2 Be prepared to ask questions about SPIN selling

Reference: Badger car salesman CNBC Mormon Mission Buz   SPIN Selling: Stop Fumbling & Start Making Sales



Outcome: Understand the four stages of a sales call and Focusing on Buyer Needs
Preparation: Read chapter 4 Be prepared to ask or answer questions on each part of these chapters. Prepare two openings: 1) The initial meeting between Gregg and Cathy at the tradeshow. 2) The next meeting at Cathy’s office.  I will ask some people to present those openings to the class.  Prepare a list of four possible advances for the meeting in Cathy's office.  I will ask some people to present their list and to explain why they are reasonable advances and not continuations. Also prepared to ask questions about Sales Cloud because it will be the product you will be selling in the Oral exam.
Reference: Jurassic Sales Call .


Read chapter 5 and the Salesforce Exercise.

Problem Solving Exercise
(see Salesforce Exercise)

May 1

Work day



Objective: Be able to identify implied and explicit needs in larger account selling
Preparation: Chap 6.  Take the first 10 minutes of class to pair up with a classmate and find the implied and explicit needs of each other in regards to their current mode of transportation (Their car, motorcycle, bike, or feet).  Be prepared to share your findings with the class.
In class: Discuss problem solving and implied and explicit needs.

Resources: Contact Management Software Review Salesforce Review



Objective: Be able to ask appropriate situation questions
Preparation: Read Chap 7 and PolicyTech’s homepage.

Complete the Situation Planning Exercise, submit it through Brainhoney, and be prepared to present it.  Be prepared to explain the clear purpose of each question and how they are linked to problems.

Reference: Ned Ryerson Video

 Situation Planning Exercise
(Based on Salesforce again)


Objective: Be able to ask appropriate problem questions
Preparation: Read Chapter 8.  Develop a list of five problems that a company like PolicyTech is likely to have that Sales Cloud could solve.  Decide which of the problems is most likely to be an important problem that PolicyTech would like to solve.  Prepare a problem question and few related follow-up problem questions to ask in hopes of uncovering that most important problem. 



Objective: Be able to ask appropriate problem questions continued.



Objective: Be able to ask appropriate implication questions
Preparation: Read chapter 9.  Come with questions you have on how to ask appropriate implication questions.  Be prepared to role play where you ask implication questions. You need to come up with three implication questions based on your best problem question.  Once again you will be a Sales Cloud sales rep and you will be asking questions of Larry Wilson from PolicyTech.  



Objective: Sharpen your planning skills
Preparation: Chapter 12
and the Sales Planning Project.  Please come with questions about the project.

Introduce Sales Planning Project


Objective: Be able to ask appropriate need-payoff questions
Preparation: Chap 10. Choose a likely problem that PolicyTech might have, and prepare three need-payoff questions following the ICE model on page 132.  I will choose a few of you to present in class.
Discuss Sales Planning Project  



No classes—Memorial Day



Objective: Be able to demonstrate capabilities
Preparation: Chapter 11. 
Make a list of three possible benefits of Sales Cloud for the salespeople at PolicyTech and the corresponding explicit needs.  Be prepared to present than to the class


June 5

Role Play



Personal Selling oral test



Personal Selling oral test

 Sales Planning Project 


Personal Selling oral test



Negotiations Section begins
Preparation: Read Harvard Managementor (HMM) Types of Negotiation

Reference: Salary Negotiation Car Buying Negotiation . Stardust



Frasier Case Discussion

Preparation: Read the Frasier Case  and read HMM Four Key Concepts in Negotiation.  Discussion questions for the Frasier Case:


1. Who are the parties in the Fraiser negotiation, and what are their interests?  How can various parties influence the negotiation process and its outcome?

2. What is NBC's BATNA?  What is Paramounts's BATNA?  What is your best estimate of their respective reservation prices?  Is there a ZOPA?

3. How can value be created in this negotation, and who is likely to get?  What obstacles might prevent agreement, and how can they be overcome?



Multiphase and Multiparty Negotiation:

Preparaton: Read HMM Multiphase and Multiparty Negotiations



The Nine Steps to a Deal
Read The Nine Steps to a Deal.  Be prepared to explain to the class two of the steps.  I will randomly call on people to explain one of their steps. 


Reference: The Office The Negotiation 


July 3

Preparation: Negotiation Tactics and view Salary Negotiations Tip Rule #1/5, Salary Negotiation Tip Rule #2/5, Salary Negotiation Tip Rule #3/5

Reference: Salary Negotiation Tactics Salary Negotiation Tips



Discount and Hawkins
Preparation: Read your assigned portion of the Discount and Hawkins Case (see the
Discount and Hawkins Exercise in iLearn to see your instruction and which case to read).  Meet with your assigned partner and do the negotiation and write described on the Discount and Hawkins Exercise.



Read Barriers to Agreement

In-class exercise: Negotiate with Bill
Reference: How to get a job in times of economic crisis

Test Review



Test—In class during testing time







Assigned readings and cases accessed via i-Learn.  All assignments and course materials are grouped by week.