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Prerequisites: B341
Faculty Name & Info: W. Kent Lundin
Office: Smith 312
(208) 496-2063
Office Hours: 8:30-10:00 am MW, 3:00-4:00 TT
Text: Online

Course Description--Marketing Strategy and Marketing Research for Managers

Focuses on marketing's role in gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.  Covers some of the steps in developing a strategic marketing plan, including situation analysis, objectives, and strategies.  Includes use of  current case studies.


Students should accomplish the following:

  1. Obtain the necessary tools and frameworks to enable them to be an effective contributor (one who ads value) to marketing decision making whether as an entrepreneur or in an established firm.

  2. Learn to distinguish between corporate, strategic business unit, and marketing strategy and a marketers influence on each.

  3. Learn to how to do opportunity analysis in order to identify attractive markets, identify sustainable competitive advantages, target attractive market segments, and differentiate through positioning

Course Description--Marketing Research for Managers

Research options and designs to generate information needed to solve problems faced by the marketing manager. Practical experience in developing a Research Proposal and conducting exploratory research.

Learning Objectives

To enhance your skills in problem-solving, project management, teamwork and communication.

To present the broad concepts and techniques appropriate for conducting high-quality marketing research, and help you become more informed users of research data

The course employs a combination of reading, Q and A and discussion based on readings, cases, and in-class exercises. It includes three minor projects associated with the featured business or brand for the semester, in preparation for the major quantitative project executed by the Marketing Research Skills team in the second block of the Integrated Marketing Emphasis.  The readings, Q & A and discussions are designed to build conceptual understanding.  The cases, assignments and in-class exercises allow you to apply concepts to practical marketing situations.  The mini-projects provide an opportunity for you to develop skills in management issues dealing with secondary and primary marketing research.





Project--Marketing/Situation Analysis 100
Mini Project--Exploratory Research Proposal 50
Project--Exploratory Research (Written 100 points, Oral 50 points) 150
Participation (regular comments--that help the class) 100
Marketing Strategy/Research Overview 50
Peer Evaluation Varies 0 pts. (Based on averages, zero sum per team) + or - 50
TOTAL 450 pts


  B+ 87% C+ 77% D+ 67% F <60%
A  93% B   83% C   73% D   70%  
A- 90% B- 80% C- 70% D- 60%  

NOTE:  No rounding--if you get 89.999999%, that is a B+

Class Policies

Late assignments will be marked down by 20%   No work accepted more than one week late. 

If an assignment is late due to a medical emergency or family tragedy, leave a message on my answering machine and I will work with you.  Trips home, etc are not excuses for late work unless emergencies exist, so plan accordingly.  You may turn work in early if you are planning to miss a class.                          

The Code of Honor and Dress & Grooming standards apply and will be enforced.    Academic honesty is required and any violation with be dealt with according to the University Academic Honesty Policy

Policy on Sexual Discrimination/Harassment

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination against any participant in an education program or activity that receives federal funds, including Federal loans and grants. Title IX also covers student-to-student sexual harassment. If you encounter unlawful sexual harassment or gender based discrimination, please contact the Personnel Office at 496-1130.

Reasonable Accommodation for Students with Disabilities:

Brigham Young University-Idaho is committed to providing a working and learning atmosphere which reasonably accommodates qualified persons with disabilities. If you have any disability which may impair your ability to complete this course successfully, please contact the Services for Students with Disabilities Office, 496-1158. Reasonable academic accommodations are reviewed for all students who have qualified documented disabilities. Services are coordinated with the student and instructor by this office. If you need assistance or if you feel you have been unlawfully discriminated against on the basis of disability, you may seek resolution through established grievance policy and procedures. You should contact the Personnel Office at 496-1130.

 B453 Tentative Class Schedule

4/20 Introduction
Case: Bio Huma Netics Case (read this case and come prepared to discuss it)
Reference: Note on Marketing Strategy; Note on Market Research (for all HBSP materials go to the I-learn course under cases) .
4/21 Marketing/Situation Analysis
Preparation: Scotts Miracle-Gro Case Part I
Reference: Note on Marketing Strategy Youtube Ad Strategy
Discuss Project #1: Situation Analysis
4/22 Marketing/Situation Analysis Continued
Preparation: Scotts Miracle-Gro Case Part II
Reference: Note on Marketing Strategy
Reference material--Situation Analysis David Neeleman Story
Quick Reference Oxford's PESTEL Analysis, Technology Levels Playing Field in Race to Market Electric Car (WSJ) Food Firms Cook Up Ways to Combat Rare Sales Slump (WSJ)
4/23 Q&A on Marketing/Situation Analysis (optional)
Workday on Situation Analysis.
4/24 Bio Huma Netics Orientation
Client Presentation and Interview
4/27 Workday on Situation Analysis.
Due via email with a Word attachment: Project #1 Marketing/Situation Analysis (100 points Group) Before 5:00pm !
4/28 Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning
Preparation: Aqualisa Quartz Case
Reference: Market Segmentation, Target Market Selection and Positioning
Reference: Have you Defined Your Customer Segments?

Product Life Cycle and marketing strategies of the stage of interest for the client
Preparation: on Product Life Cycle (read pages 1 - 5, scan the rest) & Quick MBA on Product Life Cycle also come prepared to tell what stage of the PLC that the client is in.

Positioning--Continued Discussion on Aqualisa Case and Segmenting
Advanced Preparation: QuickMBA on Positioning and on positioning map and Growthconnections Product Position Statement AND Have you Defined Your Customer Segments

4/30 Types of Research/The Research Process/Research Design
The COOP Case
Marketing Research: An Overview of Research Methods
References: Marketing Research (
Handbook of Online Marketing Research Ch.1 (ebrary)
5/1 Juice Guys: (A) Case
Introduce: Exploratory Research Project
Explain: Exploratory Research Proposal
Reference: Market Research in Practice: A guide to the Basics (ebrary) Ch 2 (go down to "The Market Research Proposal" Section)
5/4 Exploratory Designs: In−depth Interviews and Focus Groups
Juice Guys: (B) Case
Reference: Qualitative Research Overview - American Marketing Association 
Reference: Market Research in Practice: A guide to the Basics (ebrary) Ch 5
5/5 Discussion Guides
Preparation: InforMedix Marketing Research on Discussion Guides pages 1-5
For the first 15 minutes of class, start your discussion guides and we will discuss them in class
Inspirational thought:
5/6 Discuss: Exploratory Research Project and focus groups vs. in-depths interviews vs. observation
Preparation: Market Research in Practice: A guide to the Basics (ebrary) Ch 5
In-class exercise--depth interviewing practice sample business or sample business
Reference: Market Research in Practice: A guide to the Basics (ebrary) Ch 4, 5, & 6
5/7 Work day
5/11 Work time--proposal
Due: Exploratory Research Proposal (50 pts. Group) by 4:00pm
5/12 TEAM MEETINGS:  Work on Research Projects: define the Research Design; write discussion guides
5/13 TEAM MEETINGS:  Work on Research Projects: define the Research Design; write discussion guides
5/14 PROJECT TIME - Conduct in-depth interviews/focus groups.  Compile data
5/15 PROJECT TIME - Conduct in-depth interviews/focus groups.  Compile data.
5/18 Discussion on Reporting
Reference Market Research in Practice: A guide to the Basics (ebrary) Ch 14
5/19 Due: written Exploratory Research Report to Instructor Oral Presentation for Groups 1-5
5/20 Exploratory Research Presentation to the client (Only the best one or two teams) at 11:00 Confronts "Click-Through" Competition case Brief discussion on Marketing Strategy Overview
Read Note on Marketing Strategy Differentiation and Positioning
Case: HP Printing
Case Analysis Read this and be prepared to discuss it.

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