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3 Nephi Information
5 Documents - Bruce R. McConkie
10 Virgins & 2nd Coming -- S W Kimball, J Fe Smith, W Woodruff
Abinadi (Robert J. Matthews)
Abolition - Joseph Smith's Views
Abortion - Mary Ann Glendon
Abraham--Non-Biblical Traditions
Adam & Eve -- Like Us -- Typical (Richard G. Scott)
Adam through Deuteronomy (Satterfield) an OT overview
Adam's Offices & Cain's Offering, Moses 5 (Joseph Smith)
Adam through Abraham & Moses -- Tracing the Priesthood  (pdf)
Adam Through Abraham, From (Satterfield)
Am I My Brother's Keeper? (Neal A. Maxwell)
Anger--an attribute of God (Orson Pratt) - PDF only
Animal Sacrifices in the Future (Joseph Smith; Joseph Fielding Smith; Bruce R. McConkie)
Aramaic -- the Language Jesus Spoke (Biblical Archaeology Review)
Are the Scriptures Perfect?
"Arts and the Spirit of the Lord," excerpts from. (Boyd K. Packer) - The full text of the talk can be found in Boyd K. Packer, "That All May Be Edified," (SLC: Bookcraft, 1982), pg 274-289.
Balaam "The Story of a Prophet's Madness," by Bruce R. McConkie
Bednar, David A. Spirit of Discernment - Earrings (in "Quick to Observe")
Benson, Ezra Taft on the Book of Mormon
Benson, Ezra Taft. Putting the First Commandment First -- Blacks & the Pr'd.
Bible -- A Sealed Book (Bruce R. McConkie)
Bible - Tradition - Revelation (Orson Pratt)
Birth Control, General Authority Statements re:
Blood Atonement Doctrine (Bruce R. McConkie) 
Caffeine, The Truth About
Cain & David W. Patten (Spencer W. Kimball)
Calling & Election Made Sure
Callister, Elder Douglas L "Our God Is God" -- evolution.
"Candle of the Lord" (Elder B. K. Packer)
Carbon 14 Dating (Wile)
Chewing Gum (Spencer W. Kimball, Delbert L. Stapley) 
Children Saved by Parents' righteousness? "Tentacles" (J. E. Faust)
Church's Position (on whatever) - Harold B. Lee & Boyd K. Packer
Clark, J. Reuben, Jr. "The Charted Course of the Church in Education"
Clark, J. Reuben, Jr. "Ideology of Equality"
Clark, J. Reuben, Jr., "When Are the Writings or Sermons of Church Leaders Entitled to the Claim of Scripture?"
Cola Drinks (S. W. Kimball, E. T. Benson, V. J. Featherstone, etc.)
Constitution -- A Glorious Standard (Ezra Taft Benson)
Constitution, Our Divine (Ezra Taft Benson)
Constitution (J. Reuben Clark, Jr.)
Constitution -- Hang upon a Thread (Joseph Smith; Brigham Young; Ezra Taft Benson)
Constitution or Tyranny (Mark Helprin)
Constitutional Amendment -- Marriage (The First Presidency) 
Contention--Not the "spirit" of contention (Joseph Smith, Joseph Fielding Smith, Harold B. Lee)
Creation - Abraham - Nibley
Creation Accounts, A Comparison of the Scriptural
Creation -- all mankind from the dust of the earth (Bruce R. McConkie)
Creation--"Four Accounts of the Creation" (Keith Meservy)
Creation, Fall, & Atonement (Nelson, Oaks, McConkie)
Creation & Placement of Life on Earth, The (H. L. Andrus)
Creation: How Earth Came to Be (F. Kent Nielsen) 
Degrees of Glory
Divine Investiture of Authority (Joseph Fielding Smith; Bruce R. McConkie; James E. Talmage)
Divine Love - Not Unconditional - Elder Russell M. Nelson
Dress  - Viewpoint in Church News
Dress and Sacrament
Economics-Mayflower & Individualism (George Will)
Economics, Politics, and the Gospel 
Economics: Government Spending, the New Deal, & Obama's "Stimulus" Bill
Education: Evolution of Math Teaching -- 8th Grade Final Exam 1885 Kansas.
"Eternal Progression" -- a non-scriptural term (God's Perfection)
Everlastingly Too Late - Cross-References to Hela 13:38. 
Eve's Rib and Eve's Curse 
Eve's Rib Is Side, etc. 
Evil Spirits over the Saints (Wilford Woodruff)
Evolution - Darwinism (Richard John Neuhaus)
Evolution: "Fact, Fable, & Darwin" by Dr. Rodney Stark 
Evolution: "The Fossil Record" - M A & MG Cook
Faith, Items on
Faith -- Obtaining (Wilford Woodruff)
Faith, The Study of -- Christian Education (Church News)
Faith, Shall God Find on Earth? (Joseph B. Wirthlin)
Fall--Downward, Yet Forward (Orson F. Whitney)
Fall of the Universe -- Fall not a myth (Joseph Fielding Smith, Orson Pratt, et al.)
Fall--Spiritually Dead--Born Again (Joseph F. Smith)
False Gods We Worship, The (Spencer W. Kimball)

Families--Did we choose in Preexistence? Is there a "one and only"?

Family, The--A Proclamation to the World, (1st Presidency & Council of 12)
The Father & The Son: A Doctrinal Exposition by the 1st Pres & 12 
Faust, "Dear Are the Sheep Who Have Wandered"
The First Presidency Message of Oct. 1942: motherhood, chastity, war, etc.
"The First Vision & Religious Tolerance" (Joseph Fielding McConkie)
Flood - possible population of the earth at the time of Noah's (B. R. McConkie)
"The Foolishness of Teaching" (Bruce R. McConkie) 
"Foredesignation" -- for women (Neal A. Maxwell)
Forgiveness, Considerations Regarding
Funeral - Bruce R. McConkie (Boyd K. Packer)
Garden of Eden in Jackson Co. MO
Gay--Born that way?
Gays, Lesbians, and Abortion (Gordon B. Hinckley)
Gay Leader Changes --quits homosexual lifestyle
General Authority Statements & Scripture (Harold B. Lee, Joseph Fielding Smith, Bruce R. McConkie)
"Genesis of the Written Word" (Hugh Nibley)
Goal Setting & Service
Goal Setting, Some Thoughts on (Elder Dean L. Larsen)
God and Law (Orson Pratt) 
God and Natural Law (LaMar Garrard)
God "Jealous"
God's Foreknowledge (Joseph F. Smith, Neal A. Maxwell)
God's Love
God's Love - Protestant perspectives against "Unconditional Love"
God's Nature - liberality and punishment (Joseph Smith)
God Will Not Be Mocked (Spencer W. Kimball)
Grave--Learn Beyond after death (Joseph Smith)
"Great Big Elders" trying to out-teach Joseph Smith.
Great Imitator, The [Satan] (James E. Faust) & Satan, the Great Deceiver (Marion G. Romney)
Great Plan of Happiness, The (Dallin H. Oaks) [See excerpts in "Birth Control, Gen'l Authority Statements on" above.]
Hair Length for Men & Boys 
Helaman 13:38 "Everlastingly too late"
Hill Cumorah's Room, Other Plates, Sword of Laban (B Young) 
Hill Cumorah--Where Is It? 
Hinckley Endorses Benson about Mothers
Holy Ghost and Gift (Joseph F. Smith, Parley P. Pratt, Joseph Smith)
Holy Ghost and Making No Mistakes (Marion G. Romney) 
Humanist Manifesto
Imparting Your Substance to the Poor (Mosi 4:16-27)
Indians, American -- Not All Descendants of only Lehi
Interpretation of Scriptures -- Teachers necessarily interpret (B. R. McConkie)
"Invictus" and reply "The Soul's Captain" by Elder Orson F. Whitney
"Invictus": Orson F. Whitney on Wm. E. Henley's poem's humanistic philosophy.
The Iron Rod -- Harold B. Lee
Isaiah Ideas
Isaiah 48: KJV, Septuagint (LXX), and Book of Mormon
Jesus Christ - birthdate - McConkie, B. R.
Jesus Christ - birthdate - Tvedtnes
Jesus Christ -- Example in all things
Jesus Christ -- Rough (Joseph Smith)
Jesus Christ--Son of God the Father (Melvin J. Ballard)
Jesus Christ--Son of God; Begetting of (Bruce R. McConkie)
Jesus Christ--Naturally the Son of God (James E. Talmage in Jesus the Christ, 80-82.)
Jesus Christ--Married? Da Vinci Code--Church's position
Jesus Christ and Mary -- the birth
Jesus -- Not now our "elder brother" - M. Russell Ballard
Jesus Christ -- Savior of other worlds (Marion G. Romney)
John and Mary (Spencer W. Kimball)
Judge Not & Judging (Dallin H. Oaks)
"Judge Righteous Judgment" & "From Such Turn Away"
"Justification and Sanctification" by D. Todd Christofferson 
Kimball, Spencer W., "Marriage Is Honorable"
Korihor (Chauncy Riddle and Hugh Nibley)
Law and the Light, The (Boyd K. Packer) --[See excerpts in "Origin of Man & Organic Evolution," below]
Law of Consecration, Preparing for (George Q. Cannon)
Law of Consecration (Orson Pratt)
Law of Consecration Before the Millennium
Law of Consecration: Family & Stewardship
Law of Consecration: Socialism compared
Legislating Morality (Faust quoting Oaks)
Letter of the Law vs Spirit of the Law (Neal A. Maxwell)
Light in Noah's Ark (Hugh Nibley)
Love vs Lust (Spencer W. Kimball)
Making Demands on God (Spencer W. Kimball)
"Manners matter -- don't they?" (George Will)
Man Did Not Bring a Knowledge of God with Him from the Pre-Existence (Joseph Smith)
"Marriage is Honorable" Spencer W. Kimball
"Marriage, Oneness in" -- no "one and only" soul mates - Spencer W. Kimball
Matthew 24 KJV and JST--A Comparison
Maxwell, Neal A. Repentance & Atonement
McConkie, Joseph Fielding, "The First Vision & Religious Tolerance,"
Message to Students, A (Spencer W. Kimball)
Millennial Conditions (B R McConkie)
Miracle - definitions (Oaks, Packer, McKay)
Miscarried and Stillborn Children (Val Greenwood, Ensign)
Missionaries to be called home (H C Kimball)
Modesty (Cecil O. Samuelson)
Moral Environment, Our (Boyd K. Packer - Conference Report)
Mother, Where Are You? ("Are you there, Mother?" Spencer W. Kimball)
Name of the Church in New Testament Times
Nephite Disease - Nibley
New York, Boston, Albany - Destruction (Wilford Woodruff)
Nibley, Hugh "Genesis of the Written Word"
Offences, Misunderstandings, Complaints, & Disagreements, How to handle (Bednar)
Origin of Man and Organic Evolution
Our Relationship to the Lord (Bruce R. McConkie)
Overview of Scriptural History, An (Rodney Bain)
Paid Ministry -- scriptural evidence for
Pearl of Great Price Fact Sheet
Pearl of Great Price Overhead & Computer Documents
Peter's Denials "Peter, My Brother" excepts (Spencer W. Kimball) 
Peter's Denial -- Andrew Skinner (BYU)
Plan of Salvation Overview
Plan of Salvation - Orson Pratt
Population at the time of Noah's Flood (B. R. McConkie)
Power of the Word (Ezra Taft Benson)
Pray - Hypocrisy
Prayers, Improving Our (Joseph B. Wirthlin)
Prayer, Items on
Prayer, the Language of (Don E. Norton, Jr.) 
Pray in Faith (Marion G. Romney)
Pre-existent First Estate
Preexistent Debate (Hugh Nibley) 
Premortal Disunity and the Creation (Hugh Nibley) 
Premortal Existence, Foreordinations, and Heavenly Councils (Joseph Fielding McConkie) 
Premortal Existence - 3 groups - Pres. Alvin R. Dyer
Premortal Existence - Satan's Plan (Joseph Smith; J. Reuben Clark, Jr.)
Premortal Sin and the Atonement (Orson Pratt)
Principles - Ensign (Boyd K. Packer)
Procreation limited for many in resurrection (Joseph Fielding Smith)
Prodigal Son -- Was he repentant, forgiven? (Joseph Smith; Spencer W. Kimball)
Progress beyond the grave (Joseph Smith)
Prohibition — David O. McKay (PDF only)
Purposes of Mortality
Reading the Scriptures (Howard W. Hunter)
"Real Representatives of The Most High" (Millennial Star)
Repentance--A Gift from God; Forgiveness 
Repentance, Meaning of [What it isn't] (Theodore M. Burton)
Repentance: A Mighty Change of Heart (Ezra Taft Benson)
Repentance: To Gethsemane and Back (Vaughn J. Featherstone)
Repetance -- True "Rs" of Repentance
Resurrection (Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, Vol. 2) 
Resurrection of Animals (Joseph Smith, Joseph Fielding Smith, Bruce R. McConkie, etc.)
Revelation -- for self, not for others (PDF only)
Revelation--Finding Answers (Joseph Fielding McConkie)
Revelation, Personal (L. Lionel Kendrick) 
Reverence - Gordon B. Hinckley & Boyd K. Packer
Sacrament - After passing, deacons & priests; Right Hand; Washing Hands
Sacrament--not to be done by families -- "Priesthood Authority" Church News
Same-Gender Attraction (Dallin H. Oaks)
Same-Gender Attraction (Elders Oaks & Wickman -- LDS Public Affairs)
Same-Gender Marriage (The First Presidency) 
Same-Gender Marriage - Constitutional Amendment (The First Presidency) 
Satan's Plan (Joseph Smith; J. Reuben Clark, Jr.)
Scientists question constants; Einstein's in trouble.
Scriptural Interpretation - done by teachers (B. R. McConkie)
Scriptural Search for the 10 Tribes & Other Things We Lost, A (Joseph F. McConkie)
Scripture Marking Color System
Scripture Outline for Rel 121 Book of Mormon
Scripture Outline for Rel 122 Book of Mormon
Scripture Outline for Rel 301 (Gen-Deut)
Scripture Outline for Rel 327 Pearl of Great Price
Scripture Study and the Living Prophets
Scriptures -- Not Written for Scholars
Scriptures -- resolve every confusion, problem, dilemma (Boyd K. Packer)
Second Coming - 5 signs - Comet, Planet (Joseph Smith)
Secret Combinations -- Gadianton Robbers
Self-esteem and Criminality (Prager)
Self-inflicted Purging, A (Vaughn J. Featherstone)
Self-Reliance (Boyd K. Packer)
Sermon on the Mount--A Comparison
Seven Deadly Heresies (Bruce R. McConkie)
Seven Deadly Heresies (Bruce R. McConkie - Tape Transcript by Anderson)
Shem and Melchizedek -- Alma Gygi, Ensign, November 1972, pp. 15-16.
Sin -- Atonement -- Who pays for sins? (Brigham Young )
Sins, Crimes, and Atonement (Dallin H. Oaks)
Sins--Suffering for or paying for is not atoning for. Christ only is the Redeemer. 
Sisters--Should They Fill Missions? (Gordon B. Hinckley) 
Smith, Joseph F. The Father, Mary, & Jesus. Box Elder address.
Solving Emotional Problems in the Lord's Own Way (Boyd K. Packer)
Son --You have to be a son before you can be a father -- Joseph Smith
Sons of Perdition -- Few? How many?
Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments, Of (Jeffrey R. Holland)
Spirituality or Emotionalism?
Spirit of Discernment, The (David A. Bednar, "Quick to Observe")
Spirit World - Where Is It?
Spirit World - Wicked don't go to paradise when they die (Brigham Young; Heber C. Kimball)
Spirits Are Elastic (Joseph Smith, etc.)
Strengths Can Become Our Downfall, Our (Dallin H. Oaks)
Suicide by M. Russell Ballard 
Suicide and a Knowledge of the Future Life (Brigham Young)
Tea - Green - Caffeine
Teach Them Correct Principles (B K Packer, T S Monson, G B Hinckley)
Telestial Salvation (Joseph Fielding Smith)
Temples, What I Hope You Will Teach Your Children About the (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign
Terrestrial Mormons (J Fe Smith; B R McConkie; E T Benson)
Terrifying Book of Helaman, The (Jerry Hansen)
Testimony (Dallin H. Oaks)
Testimony Bingo (just for laughs)
Testimony vs. Thankamony
"Think Not When You Gather To Zion" (Eliza R. Snow)
"Though in the Outward Church Below" (LDS Hymns, 1960, 1964, #102)
Three Independent Principles (Joseph Smith)
"Timing" (Dallin H. Oaks) 
Tithing--Robbing God
To the Fathers in Israel (Ezra Taft Benson)
To the Humble Followers of Christ (Ezra Taft Benson)
To the Mothers in Zion (Ezra Taft Benson)
Translated Beings - 3 Nephites 
Try the Spirits (Joseph Smith) 
TV on Sunday (J. Reuben Clark, Jr.)
Vision, The, A [a poetic version of D&C 76, attributed to Joseph Smith] 
War -- First Presidency statement, April 1942
War & Peace (Gordon B. Hinckley)
"Which Side of the River" (studying the Book of Mormon -- Pearson & Bankhead)
Williams, Clyde (BYU) - Atonement - Skousen
Wine in the Scriptures
Woman--Greatest Creation of God (1st Pres., Faust, Benson, Scott)
Woodruff, Wilford - Destruction: New York, Boston, Albany
Wrench Heart Strings - Joseph Smith
Zelph Revisited - Donald Q. Cannon
Zion-City of Enoch-Gulf of Mexico (Wilford Woodruff & Joseph Young)
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