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Autumn Reflection

Darin A Merrill


English Faculty

Office: 314 RIG

Phone: (208)496-4390

E-mail: merrilld@byui.edu




I was born in Moreland, ID, a metropolis of around 1,200, where my father farmed, ranched, and ran the small grocery store.  He was also the postmaster.  I lived across from the LDS Church building and shared a back fence with the elementary school.


After high school, I attended Ricks College for one year.  In 1985, I went on a mission for the LDS Church to Mexico City, Mexico.  I spent time in Acapulco, Puebla, and Mexico City (Hermita, Moctezuma, and Nezahualcoyotl).  I returned to Ricks College in 1987, where I remember school vaguely, but keenly remember meeting one Jamie Wells, whom I tried desperately to impress with my car, my wit, and keen sense of fashion.  Thanks to pity, she married me in August of 1988.


I finished a Political Science degree at BYU with an English Minor.  I took the MA at BYU as well, studying Chaucer and the literature of the Alliterative Tradition.  I also became affiliated with The Canterbury Tales Project.  My thesis was a collation and analysis of four manuscript versions of the Nun’s Priest’s Tale. 


After BYU, I attended Arizona State University for study leading to the Ph.D.  My dissertation was a collation and lexical analysis of the Ellesmere and Hengwrt manuscripts of the Canterbury Tales, which I am preparing for publication in 2013.


I am currently CFS faculty at BYU—Idaho (a rough equivalent to associate professor), and I am happy to be the Medievalist on the English Faculty.

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