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Reese Nelson Ph.D.

Professor of Horticulture

273 Benson Building

Rexburg, ID 83460-1110

Phone: 208-496-2014

Fax: 208-496-2040

E-mail: nelsonre@byui.edu



             Horticulture according to Reese Nelson is the perfect marriage between an art and a science. For students who think that the arts are too subjective and that the sciences are too rigid, horticulture may be the best of both worlds.

            Nelson's career has mirrored that philosophy. Upon completing an undergraduate degree in ornamental horticulture he accepted an "art" oriented job in the gardens of Temple Square. He then experienced the "science" side of horticulture conducting field trials developing bioinsecticides for a biotech company. These approximate ten years experienced in the green industry along with two more advanced degrees have prepared Nelson well to teach.

            "I am particularly interested in the human side of horticulture, that is; how plants positively affect people," says Nelson. "The psychological effects of plants have positive applications for institutions, the classroom, and the home." "I feel privileged to help students discover the privilege medium of plants, and how to parlay that affinity into gainful careers.

             The classes that Nelson teaches, along with a brief description of each class can be found under the courses link above.




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