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Computer Information Technology 498 - Internship




Fall 2016


Computer Information Technology Major - CIT 160, CIT 225, CIT 230, CIT 240, CIT 260, CIT 352, and CIT 360
Business Analytics Major - CIT 111, CIT 160, CIT 225, CIT 381, and ECON 278
Must have a minimum grade of C- in all CIT classes.
Must have a junior level standing (60 or more credits)
Permission of the instructor


T. Mark Olaveson
STC 320L, 208-496-3773, Office Hours: 10:15 - 11:15 TT 1:00 - 2:00 MW

Course Description:

The internship is a capstone experience for Computer Information Technology majors and is intended to integrate practical work experience with the cumulative knowledge and skills obtained during your education. It is expected that you will develop personal, professional and additional academic competencies during the internship. In order to accomplish this, you will need to go beyond the common experiences of a normal employee. Study, reasoning, reflection and theoretical/conceptual exploration will be required for you to develop new skills and knowledge to get the most of the internship experience. The internship will last a minimum of 360 hours work in two or less semesters.

Class Objectives:

Develop and learn “job-getting” skills
Apply the technical skills and knowledge learned in a real life situation from at least two or more of the following areas: programming, web development, networking, database, systems management, systems security and systems analysis and design.
Document and critique the design and development process used by the business/organization you are working for
Develop professional networking links with other information technology professionals and businesses.
Gain a greater insight into what it means to be an information technology professional.
Demonstrate your competency in self-directed learning

Class Policies:

Assignments are due on the specified date for each assignment.
BYU-Idaho standards are outlined in the student handbook. Students are expected to abide by the college honor code. No cheating will be tolerated.
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination against any participant in an education program or activity that receives federal funds, including Federal loans and grants. Title IX also covers student-to-student sexual harassment. If you encounter unlawful sexual harassment or gender based discrimination, please contact the Personnel Office at 496-1130.
Brigham Young University-Idaho is committed to providing a working and learning atmosphere which reasonably accommodates qualified persons with disabilities. If you have any disability which may impair your ability to complete this course successfully, please contact the Services for Students with Disabilities Office, 496-1158. Reasonable academic accommodations are reviewed for all students who have qualified documented disabilities. Services are coordinated with the student and instructor by this office. If you need assistance or if you feel you have been unlawfully discriminated against on the basis of disability, you may seek resolution through established grievance policy and procedures. You should contact the Personnel Office at 496-1130.

Class schedule and evaluation:

Please submit your papers to turnitin.com. I will email you the class id and password. Use it to create an account. You may only upload one file so put all parts into one Word or PDF document and submit it.


All documents must be written in a professional manner, have a title page with your name, and be typed and double spaced. Each assignment will be graded for content and professionalism (this includes, grammar, spelling, organization, clarity, sentence structure, etc.). Include all sections with headings.


I will grade your assignments as quickly as I can and provide you with feedback. It takes some time so please don't email me or call me to see if I have received or graded your work. Click here to see the rubric.


Due Date

Percent of grade

1. Job finding portfolio



2. Company cultural report



3. Final analysis report

The later of 12/2/2016 or one week before end of internship


4. Personal job log

The later of 12/9/2016 or last day of internship


5. Work evaluations (form will be emailed to you and your employer). Please email me when you submit the self evaluation.

Last day of internship

Must be completed to get a grade

Computer Ethics:

The use of the BYU-Idaho network, systems and data impose responsibilities and obligations upon the students to use these computer components in an ethical manner and in accordance with the guidelines found in the BYU-Idaho Honor Code. Students are to access only data and files that are owned by them, or that the instructor has given explicit authorization to. Copyrighted material must be used in accordance with copyright law and applicable license agreements followed.

Attempting to circumvent or subvert system security measures or engaging in any activity that causes harm to systems or to any information stored thereon, such as creating or propagating viruses, disrupting services, or damaging files are considered inappropriate use. Violators are subject to disciplinary actions as prescribed by BYU-Idaho Policy and may also be prosecuted under applicable local, state, or federal civil or criminal law.

NOTE: A more detailed listing of Appropriate Use Guidelines will be posted in poster form in each of the computer labs. You will want to call attention to these posters.

Finding an Internship:

It is your responsibility to find and be hired by the company you will be doing the internship with. This process should start at least two semesters before you anticipate serving the internship. Most companies start recruiting for interns during the Fall semester for winter or summer internships. Try and not to get discouraged in the process. It is hard work finding a job.


1. Begin by visiting the internship office in the Kimball building and get registered in Career Navigator.
2. Create a professional looking resume. The internship office can help you with this. Go into Career Navigator and add your resume to your profile.
3. The most effective way to find a job is through networking with other people. Start with your family members, friends, ward members or previous employers. Ask them if they know of any company that you might be able to serve an internship with. If they do not know, then ask them for contacts of people that might be able to help you further. People are generally very generous and want to help.
4. Try and narrow your focus of where geographically and what type of company you want to work for. The more flexible you are the more likely you will be able to get good quality internship. Then go to the Internship office in the Kimball building and search their database of companies that have hired BYU-Idaho interns in the past. The internship office also has a list of publications that list companies in several of the internship hub cities. You might find this helpful for locating companies in a specific geographic area.
5. You may want to think about going on one of the Internship Expeditions to the geographic areas you have selected. You will be able to visit the area, and several companies that are potentially interested in offering internships to BYU-Idaho students. You will get to learn about the companies and a lot about the geographic area.
6. Once you have a list of companies, you will need to get in contact with them. It is always best to contact someone through a visit or by phone. Just sending a letter and a resume to a company seldom leads to success.
7. Visit Career Navigator on a regular basis. You will find a list of companies that have posted job openings and that are coming to campus to internview.
8. Visit the Career Fairs during the Fall and Winter semesters.

Job Requirements:

Must have work experience in at least two of the following areas:

Web development
Systems management
System security
Systems analysis and design
Software testing
Software training
Project Management
Enterprise applications and/or data warehousing

Note: PC support (installing, configuring, managing and maintaining laptop or desktop computers) is not considered a meaningful capstone experience for a senior level internship. It may only be a minor part of the internship experience.

Internship Duration:

Minimum of 360 hours. This may be done in one semester or over the course of two semesters. Full time over one semester is recommended.

Internship Process:

1. Locate and receive an internship offer from an employer.
2. Fill out the Initial Internship Approval form in Career Navigator.
3. If you have not completed all prerequisites meet with the the department internship coordinator and review your request.
4. If the internship meets all the requirements the department internship coordinator approves the internship and will send you an email.
5. The company sponsoring the internship must go online and fill out the form to be an internship provider for BYU-Idaho.
6. The Internship office will review the application and approve it.
7. The internship office will authorize you to add the class and send you an email. You should then register for the course.
8. Review the assignments for the course as defined in the course syllabus. The syllabus is available at the course website.
9. Complete all of the assignments by the scheduled due dates. All assignments are turned in via turnitin. I will send out an email the second week ot the semester with instructions. The due dates are posted on I-learn each semester.
10. Complete the required number of work hours (360).
11. Near the end of the completion of your internship, you will receive an email instructing you to go online and fill out a self-evaluation form for the internship.
12. Get with your immediate work supervisor and instruct them how to go online and fill out an employer evaluation.
13. Upon the completion of the assignments and the work evaluations, the department internship coordinator will give you a grade for the internship course.

If the required number of hours have not been completed before the end of the semester or you have not completed the evaluations, you will receive a “T” grade. In this case, you will need to send the department internship coordinator an email when you have completed the required number hours, and both evaluations have been submitted. At that point, the department internship coordinator will turn in a change of grade form for the class and assign you a grade.

Job Location:

It is preferred that the internship be outside of eastern Idaho; however, local internships are also valid but are often hard to find. On-campus internships are discouraged.


The internship must be with a reputable, established company with more than five employees. The company must be willing to sign the BYU-Idaho Work Contract Agreement, mentor you and complete the student evaluation form.


There must be a full time IT professional assigned to mentor you during the internship with a college degree in a computer related field (IT, IS, or CS), or have at least 10 years experience working in IT.