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Automotive Brake Systems
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1.    What happens when a wheel locks up when braking?

2.    What are the main parts of a drum brake system?


3.    How does the brake shoe or pad stop the car?

4.    What does ABS stand for?

5.    What is a "bonded" brake shoe?

6.    Which type is better?

7.    What are the main parts of a disc brake system?


8.    Why are disc brakes considered to be better than drum brakes?

9.    How does the brake fluid get from the master cylinder to the brake or disc slave cylinders?

10.    Why is a "dual" system better than a "single" system?

11.    What does it mean when we say brake fluid is non-compressible?

12.    What is the force that allows the brakes to slow or stop the car?