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<<<<Ben and best friend (and wife) Kaye in the gardens around Saint Fagan's Castle                          near Cardiff, Wales, UK Dec. 2007
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Hort 95 Lab Fee
Hort 115 Horticulture Orientation Hort 230 Intro to Arch Land Des
Hort 287R Flower Center Hort 288 Intern Preparation APS 290 Special Problems
APS 398R Internship Please click on the class to view the syllabus Hort 325 Interiorscaping
Hort 335 Flower Arranging Hort 336 Asian Design Influence Hort 337 European Des. Influence
Hort 338 Wedding Flowers Hort 338A  Wedding Workshop A Hort 338B  Wedding Workshop B
Hort 338 C  Wedding Workshop C Hort 339 Floral Portfolio EMPLOYER EVALUATION FORM for evaluating interns
Hort 435 Advanced Floral Design Hort  436  Competition Design Hort 437 Interpretive Design
Design Workshops and Travel Experiences:

If you love to travel, you might enjoy some of the places I have been. 
 Here are a few favorite places I have visited in Europe:

Travel in México and Central America

Design Workshops and Seminars in México and Belize


FIELD EXCURSION ITINERARIES (click on year to see details)
2012 Floral Field Excursion to Southern California
2011 Floral Excursion to San Francisco and Los Angeles Flower Markets
2010 Floral Excursion to LA Flower Market, Fashion District, San Diego Zoo...
2009 Floral Excursion to LA Flower Market
2008 Floral Field Excursion to Los Angeles Flower Market
2007 floral field excursion to SW LA, Carpinteria, San Luis Obispo, San Simeon
2006  Senior Floral Field Excursion to the Southwest
2005 floral southwest field excursion
2003 floral excursion to Canada








Think about the choices we have in life.

Where do you want to go?

Meso America Tour
Students from BYU Idaho traversed the southern part of Mexico, northeastern Guatemala, Belize, and the Yucatan Peninsula.  I was priviledged to teach
on the trip in May of 2004.

For more information about this travel opportunity, click on the the tour links above.

English Study Abroad 2012

Join us for the next Emerald and British Isles travel experience, Fall Semester 2013

British Literary Tour 2009, 2011

Kaye and I were blessed with the opportunity to travel with a group of BYU Idaho Faculty and students to visit the Emerald Isle, (Ireland) including the isle of Inishmore, North Wales and England, South Wales and Southern England, and Paris, France. In 2009 and 2011, I studied various landscape and floral design styles, and documented collections of herbs and flowers that are on display in the gardens associated with many well known literary people, such as Shakespeare, Wordsworth, WB Yeates, Hardy, and Jane Austin. The tour, the people, the culture, getting to learn with fantastic Faculty leaders and travelers, (Vaughn Waddell, Scott Samuelson, Karen and Josh Holt, Kip Hartvigsen, Darin Merril, ClydaRae Blackburn) combined with the adventure of travel to such a collection of historically significant sites is a great experience!


                           is a service organiztion that joins the people of states in the US 
with countries and cities of 
Latino America and the Caribbean 
     IDAHO is a partner with the cities of Guayaquil and Cuenca, ECUADOR


Check out what my sons have been up to:  The Brothers of Abraham


Did you  know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints is helping to improve the lives of the people of Mexico? 
Check out the Instituto Agrícola. Here are Miguel and Gudélia Santos, (see a photo of them with their tomato crop in the greenhouse) who direct the Ag Institute that is located near the campus of the LDS school "Centro Escolar Benemérito de las Americas" in the Mexico City area.  There is a Church education system campus in Mexico City, as well as others throughout the world.  Follow the links to some general info: 
  here is a web site:  benemerito           (the official LDS church website)

also this site for the church in Mexico:
and this for España:

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