Doctrines of the Gospel--FDREL 431

Daily Reading/Assignment Schedule


PLEASE NOTE:  You will find on for completing assignment found on this schedule in the Grading Syllabus located on the Doctrines of the Gospel course page.  Also: assignments beginning with "Chapter" are from the Doctrines of the Gospel Textbook



8    Introduction  Dangers of Superficial Church Membership

What is Doctrine?  Doctrine  Bring hard copy or electronic version of this reading
"How Is Doctrine Established?"  Ensign, Sep. 2013

10   Article Write-up: Quinten L. Cook, "The Doctrine of the Father," Ensign, Feb. 2012, pp. 32-36.

15  Civil Rights Day--NO CLASS

17  TOPIC: Heavenly Father and Mother
*READING ASSIGNMENT: This assignment includes all three of the following readings-- [1]  "Chapter 3--God the Eternal Father" (from Course Text Book); [2] "God the Father," in True to the Faith ( hereafter,  TTTF); and [3]  Gospel Topics: "Mother in Heaven" .  [NOTE: Your reading and write-up of "God the Father" in TTTF should focus on the subtopics not fouond in "Chapter 3--God the Eternal Father" in course text book.]

  Produce only ONE WRITE-UP that includes what was taught in all three readings.
See grading syllabus for instructions on completing reading assignment write-ups. 

22    TOPIC: The Godhead  
*ARTICLE Write-up:  Dallin H. Oaks, "The Godhead and the Plan of Salvation" Ensign, May 2017

 See grading syllabus for instructions on appropriate completion of Article Write-ups. 

24    TOPIC: The Father and the Son
Two separate assignments with write-ups due-- (these will be handed in in two separate piles)

  The Father and the Son: A Doctrinal Exposition by the First Presidency and the Twelve

ARTICLE Write-up:  Only One God To Worship

29  TOPIC: The Object of Heavenly Father's Eternal Plan

Reading Assignment: Moses 1:39;  D&C 76:50-70, 92-96;  88:14-35;  131:1-4 and 132:4-6 

Write-up directions:These are the various major scriptures in the Doctrine and Covenants that speak of the Celestial goal of Heavenly Father's work. Moses 1:39 states that God's work and glory is the immortality and eternal life of man.  D&C 76 speaks of four different immortalities: celestial, terrestrial, telestial, and perdition. Eternal life is the highest heaven or degree of the celestial. The discussion of the celestial glory in D&C 76 speaks only of eternal life or the highest glory or heaven.

What is said in D&C 76 about the celestial glory does not reveal a list of what one must do to achieve the celestial glory but, rather, is a
No Assignmnt--Will continue discussing the last assignmentdescription of what these people have become. Note the use of the phrase "they are they" in vss 51, 54, 55, 56, "they are" in vs 58 and "these are they" in 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70. As you are reading through these, your goal is to try to discover or answer the question: What kind of beings are celestial people are like?. Or, what have they become?

As you read through D&C 88, 131 and 132 you are trying to discover what must one do to attain to the celestial kingdom?

*You may refer to a collection of teachings I have put together regarding The Celestial Kingdom on the General Authority Teachings Regarding the Plan of Salvation.

31    TOPIC: The Object of Heavenly Father's Eternal Plan

No Assignmnt--Will continue discussing the last assignment


5   TOPIC: The Object of Heavenly Father's Eternal Plan

No Assignmnt--Will continue discussing the last assignment


12 TOPIC: The Premortal Existence

*READING ASSIGNMENT:  Teachings Concerning The Premortal Existence of Man  (PDF Collection of Teachings)

14 TOPIC: The Premortal Existence

*READING ASSIGNMENT:  Teachings Concerning the Premortal Grand Council


21 TOPIC: Purpose of the Second Estate--Mortality
*READING ASSIGNMENT: The Mortal Existence  This has been updated to include a fifth purpose. (This is an assignment reading I use in another course.  Treat it as a reading assignment.)

26  TOPIC:  Creation of Earth and Man
*READING ASSIGNMENT: *Chapter 7 The Creation; and Moses 2 (in Pearl of Great Price)

28 TOPIC: Creation of Earth and Man
*READING ASSIGNMENT: Moses 3 (in your write-up detail or outline the chronological sequence of the events in this chapter.)
* ARTICLE Write-Up
The Origin of Man
  (Careful in reading this. The first 3/4 of statement lays discusses the scriptures; then take special notice of the last five paragraphs.)

THESE ARE TWO SEPARATE ASSIGNMENTS--that means you will produce two separate write-ups


TOIPIC:The Fall of Adam
 *READING ASSIGNMENT:  Chapter 8  The Fall;  also TTTF: Fall;  and TTTF: Death, Spiritual

TOPIC: The Atonement of Jesus Christ
*READING ASSIGNMENT:   *Chapter 9   The Atonement of Jesus Christ;  and  TTTF: Atonement       

12  TOPIC: Priesthood: The Key to Accessing the Atonement of Jesus Christ

14 TOPIC: Overcoming Spiritual Death through Spiritual Rebirth
*READING ASSIGNMENT:    * Spiritual Rebirth  (This is not from the course text book; click on this link)

19 TOPIC: The Ordinances of Spiritual Rebirth--Baptism and Laying on of Hands for Gift of the Holy Ghost

There are TWO written assignments due--please hand them in two separate piles.

*READING ASSIGNMENT: *TTTF article entitled, "Baptism"; and the article entitled, "Holy Ghost"
*Article Write-up: 
Dallin H. Oaks, The Aaronic Priesthood and the Sacrament, Ensign, Nov. 1998, 37-40. (Associated with the Gift of the Holy Ghost is the ministering of angels. Elder Oak's talk deals with the relationship between the two) 


26  TOPIC: Death and the Postmortal Spirit World
*READING ASSIGNMENT:*Chapter 30 Death and the Postmortal Spirit World

28 TOPIC: Redeeming the Dead
  *READING ASSIGNMENT:*D&C 138; Chapter 31  The Redemption of the Dead (textbook)


2 TOPIC: Second Coming
READING ASSIGNMENT: JS Matt and Matthew 25  (Explanation of JS Matthew. JS Matt is the JST of Matthew 24. Matthew 24-25 contain the Savior's sermon about his his second coming. But Matthew 24 is kind of messed up. So the JST of Matt 24 corrects the mess ups. This change is so important that it is included in the P of GP. But we shouldn't forget that JS Matt in P of GP is only the first chapter of the discourse. One must continue to Matthew 25 to get the second half. So this is what you will need to do.  Background: This discourse comes just a couple of days before the Savior's crucifixion. During the previous week, he taught daily in the temple of Herod. He often prophesied of the destruction of that Temple. When he ended is last day of teaching, the Savior went to the Mount of Olives and sat down looking at Jerusalem and the Temple. The apostles came and asked him what they thought was one question. It was actually two questions. Write-up instructions: In JS Matt 1:4, the apostles ask the Savior two questions not realizing they had done so . Figure out the two different questions. Then, the answer to the first question is found in vss 5-20. The answer to the second question begins in vs 21 and continues through JST Matt and through Matt 25. Look for the various signs or conditions that will exist before the second coming.

TOPIC: The Great Millennium
  *READING ASSIGNMENT:*Chapter 37  The Millennium and the Glorification of the Earth  and  TTTF  Millennium

9TOPIC: Resurrection and Final Judgment
  *READING ASSIGNMENT:*Chapter 32  The Resurrection and the Judgment

11  TOPIC: The Kingdoms of Glory and Perdition
  *READING ASSIGNMENT: D&C 76; Chapter 33 Kingdoms of Glory and Perdition

Last Day of Classes

13  Essay (hardcopy) due in my office (Taylor 216) no later than 10 PM -- See grading syllabus for instructions on writing the Essay