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"The difficult we do right away, the impossible takes slightly longer. "
- Philo T. Farnsworth




Welcome to my home page on the World Wide Web. As a student at Brigham Young University - Idaho, you will find the course syllabi for the various courses I teach in the Department of Communication. You will also find several items of interest that will tell you more about myself and some of my interests. If you are a student taking a class from me during any given semester, check this page and your e-mail often for information regarding changes in any of my courses.

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Department of Communication
Office:  251 Spori
Phone:  (208) 496-2933
E-mail:   weekesr@byui.edu


Additional Information

My Professional Background

My Hobbies and Interests

Student Scrapbook


Course Syllabi

Communication 102 -

Public Speaking                                    

Test Study Guides 

Communication 260 -

Introduction to Broadcasting 

(Formerly Comm. 256)           

Test Study Guides         


Communication 265 -

Beg. Television Production

(Formerly Comm. 259)       

Test Study Guides      


Communication 397R - C


Communication Practicum II 


Communication 460 -

Documentary and Corporate

Video Production