Fate of the Twelve Apostles
John Fox Ricks

Matthew- Slain by the sword in the city of Ethiopia at about 60 A.D.

Mark- Dragged to death through the streets of Alexandria, then burned at about 74 A.D.

Luke- Hanged on the olive tree in Greece.

John- Banished to the Isle of Patmos, 96 A.D. (Rev. 1:9)- Still alive.

Peter- Crucified head down in Rome, 66 A.D.

James- (Son of Zebedee) Beheaded in Jerusalem by the sword. (Acts 12:1-9).

Phillip- Crucified at Heirapole Phryga, 52 A.D.

James, the Lesser- (Son of Alphaeus)- Thrown from the pinnacle, then beaten to death, 60 A.D.

Bartholomew- Beaten, crucified and then beheaded by command of a king, 52 A.D.

Andrew- Bound to death. He preached until he expired, 74 A.D.

Thomas- Ran through by a lance at Corehandal, East Indies, 52 A.D.

Jude- Shot to death, 76 A.D.

Simon- Crucified in Presia, 74 A.D.

Mathias- Stoned, then beheaded in Ethiopia, 70 A.D.

Barnabas- Stoned to death by James at Salancan, about 73 A.D.

Paul- Beheaded by Herod of Nero, 66 A.D.

Judas Iscariot- Committed suicide by hanging himself, 34 A.D. (Acts 1:18)

Thaddeus- Shot to death by arrows, 72 A.D.

Acts 10-15

New Testament