Possible Benefits from Drinking Alcohol

Malnutrition, premature death, injury to others, loss of job, poor family life, spouse abuse, criminal behavior, inflamed digestive tract linings, cirrhosis of the liver, prolonged diarrhea, poor digestion, hemorrhaging digestive tracts, withdrawl symptoms, permanant brain damage, poor coordination, permanant sensation loss in legs, heart damage, cancer of oral cavity, esophagus, larynx, stomach, pancreas, liver and other parts of the body, aggravated ulcers, epilepsy and liver ailments, higher rates of unhappiness, boredom, frustration, irresponsibility, dissatisfaction, traffic accidents, murder disease, and suicide, higher divorce rates, a chance to give your unborn child fetal alcohol syndrome which includes abnormal deformed facial features, poor brain development, physical deformities, defective heart, muscular problems, personality problems, the opportunity to assist the government in losing 25 billion dollars each year and last but not least a one-in-ten chance to receive all of the above blessings by becoming an alcoholic.

(Taken from articles in the Ensign, April 1977)

Section 89

Doctrine & Covenants