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Word to the wise: Watch out for caffeine drinks. LDS have always known caffeinated beverages are "not for the body," but new research indicates caffeine is worse for us than we realized. According to a new study:
People who consume caffeine need twice the usual amount of calcium to stay healthy.
Calcium deficiency has been implicated in the degenerative bone disease osteoporosis.
Caffeine, therefore may contribute to the disease.
Researchers at Washington State University studied 135 men and women caffeine consumers and found that all but two lost significant amounts of calcium. They estimated an adult woman would need to consume one third of a cup of milk or yogurt or half an ounce of cheese to compensate for the calcium lost after drinking one to two cups of coffee or four cans of cola. The researchers found that caffeine seems to affect the kidney, causing it to leak and lose calcium.

(The Latter-Day Sentinel, April 5, 1989)

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