Hort 287R     Flower Center    1 credit
Benjamin Romney  tel:  208 496-4590 fax: 208 496-6017  Email:  romneyb@byui.edu

Flower Center
a floral product disbursement center operated by students in the Horticulture Department through the Plant Shop

an opportunity for students to learn and practice Floral Processing, Retailing, Shop Upkeep, & Display

Course objective:
To provide opportunity and experience in presentation of flowers for sales in display windows and coolers, large banquet halls, auditoriums, custom design in residential and commercial settings.

This class is structured to provide experience and group cooperative interaction.  You will become a part of the flower center team for the semester.  This will open the lab to you for training and practice as you work on the skills you have learned in floral classes, and in preparation for entering the work force.  If you use this opportunity wisely, it will help you to gain confidence and competence in your abilities as a floral artist.

Though we are scheduled to meet once a week (wed 4:30 to 5:30pm), we will not have formal class time after the first day of class.  Each student will be responsible for the assigned times during the weekday afternoons to help run the flower center.
Please check the bulletin board for scheduled times for you to work.   

Please make sure that you email the flowercenter@byui.edu address with your schedule before the semester begins, so that we will know which days are best for your schedule.

The Flower Center will be open from 3:00 to 6:00 pm on weekdays.

How you will be evaluated:
Your grade is entirely dependent upon your participation.  You will need to log in a minimum of thirty hours working in the shop throughout the semester, usually three hours per week.   You will be given a checklist of skills that you are to master during the time you are enrolled in the floral programs at BYU Idaho.  The Flower Center manager will be responsible to make up a weekly schedule, which you will, in turn, be responsible to follow.  Should you need to change your assigned time, you will need to make sure that you are covered, and that you have made the manager aware.  If you fail to participate, you will not pass the class.  If you do participate willingly and regularly, you will be given an “a."  You may actually complete more than 30 hours before the end of the semester, but you are still responsible to fill your time on the schedule, and help with any business until the final test days.