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Syllabus:  Hort 230 Introduction to the Architecture of Landscape Design

British Literay Tour Special Edition

Spring Semester, 2011

Contact information:  Ben Romney  Benson 145  tel:  208 496-4590  fax:  208 496-6017

mail to:  romneyb@byui.edu   romneyb@gmail.com


This course is an exploration of the influences and art that ultimately surrounds us in our physical environment.  It is an introductory course, intended to give the student a basic understanding and skill level that will help acheive an appreciation for the profession.  It is not intended to fully prepare one for entry into the industry of Design-Build Horticulture, or Landscape Architecture.  Please enjoy a great exercise in learning about, and participating in the creation of beauty in your surroundings.


Tentative Course Schedule:


(under development)

18 April

19 April

20 April

21 April

22 April


25 April

26 April

27 April

28 April

29 April


2 May through 26 May,  travel through Ireland, England, Wales, and Paris


Exercises and assignments:

1  Base Map to scale 1/16”=1 foot            ______________________________________
2  Memory Exercise, Family Needs Analysis (your own future)    ______________________________________
3  Bubble Sheet (Functional Diagram)        ______________________________________
4  Practice Lettering                    ______________________________________
5  Tree Shapes                    ______________________________________
6    a  tracing & shading b&w            ______________________________________
    b  tracing & shading color            ______________________________________
7  Positive and Negative—chair sketch        ______________________________________
8    a  barn & house  b&w            ______________________________________
    b  barn & house color            ______________________________________
9    a  vertical plane sketch—freehand         ______________________________________
    b  vertical plane sketch—plan view        ______________________________________
10    a  Formal Linear Exercise—circular     ______________________________________
    b Formal Linear Exercise—angular     ______________________________________
11  convert 10 into a landscape feature        ______________________________________
12  draw 11 to scale (1/4 or larger)        ______________________________________
13  render 12 in color                ______________________________________
14  Outdoor Space Exercise (swan pond)        ______________________________________
15  Power Point® highlights of the landscapes of Ireland, England, Wales, and Paris
Attendance and Participation            ______________________________________



Important notice:

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, all qualified students enrolled in this course are entitled to “reasonable accommodation.”  It is the student’s responsibility to disclose to the teacher any special need she/he may have before the end of the first week of class.






 Just a tidbit of advice:

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