SYLLABUS  Please note that assignments should be turned in through iLearn to receive proper credit
The course is considered a "Hybrid" course, and for those students away from campus, or who are taking a class that conflicts with this course time schedule (such as APS 299R Seminar), can be completed without attending class. It is most important that you prepare an effective video presentation, along with your new or updated portfolio and resumé. Your fellow class members will have only this to use for evaluating your preparation.

Course Description:  This course is designed to facilitate the creation and development of materials that can be used to represent the skill sets, abilities, and career goals of the student. Emphasis is on the utilization of media to create a sustainable form of presentation that will prepare graduates to represent what they have learned, and inform potential employers of the kind of work they are capable of doing. 

Outcomes, or Objectives of the course:

Assignments and Assessments:
Please remember to refer to iLearn for specific assignment due dates and submission folder.
whilste preparing a Story Board, and getting a web site set up based on your story board pattern.

Story Board Assignment:

Creating a "story board" is much like writing a cartoon strip, or, in a more complex example, a story board is created when preparing a sequencial progression in planning a movie or informative video. It is important to envision a script, or a flow chart that anticipates where you want people to go through your story, or, in this case, your portfolio. If you have already been working on a portfolio from previous semesters, you can reverse engineer what you have done into a new story board, or simply explain what you intend to do to improve what you already have in place.  Once you have a story board or pattern for setting up your portfolio site, you can begin working on the areas you need to develop, putting your work samples into photographs, etc. 

References to utilize:
You will need to adapt these ideas to your personal areas of interest and study. Remember, the target is your employment and future career development, so think about how you will best communicate to your target audience of employers and collegues.

To start, here is an excellent resource that will guide you through the process of creating a website for your portfolio.  It leans toward Word Press and Blue Host in this case, but is a great place to start if you have never created a web site for yourself.

Robert Mening, at WebsiteSetup.org recently communicated with me to tell me he has created a free, step-by-step guide titled "Online Portfolios: How to Setup & What to Include" specifically for students and creative types to reference. It's meant to help those who have no real website or portfolio building experience create something great for themselves to share their work. If you follow the link, you are led through easy step by step instructions. You can also reach out to him at his email: rob@websitesetup.org if you would like suggestions or assistance with his information.

And here are several additional websites that can help you in your portfolio preparation:







Portfolio Assignment

Please turn in your portfolio in iLearn, and also post it in the discussion board along with your video presentation

Portfolio Video Presentation Assignment

Please prepare a brief video to introduce your portfolio, and how it targets your career objectives.  Place it in your discussion board to get your peer evaluations started.  The sooner you get it in, the better your feedback will be.  You will be graded on your appearance, and your presentation, so look sharp when you put together the video clip.  

If you are not sure how you are coming across in this presentation, please do the following, to improve your ability to share your skills and ideas with a potential employer:

Make an appointment to visit the campus Presentation Preparation Center.
Your portfolio is valuable as a tool to communicate your preparation for a career, but how you present it to potential employers and customers is most essential.  For the assignment to create a video presentation introducing yourself, you may need some help to see how you appear to others. Find out what resources are available and make a plan to present your portfolio with guidance from the presentation center staff.  You need to prepare a brief video introduction to your portfolio, so ask the presentation folks to help you come up with a good way to get your foot in the door. You will be introducing yourself to your classmates, and leading them into your portfolio, so ask for suggestions in making that presentation.

If you are not on campus, you can have someone review your presentation and give you suggestions.  This could be an employer, peer, or associate who can give you some good input and suggestions. 

Resumé Assignment:

Please submit an updated resumé in the iLearn submission folder for this assignment, and post it on your discussion thread for feedback.

Workshop Assignment:
Please visit this website so set up appointments for the career services workshops:


and choose at least two of these useful workshops to either attend, or complete.  If you cannot fit one into your schedule, you can click on the link to download the study packet, and watch the tutorial segment.  If you complete the workshop in person, you can request a verification form, which you can submit to me (take a picture or scan it to pdf) or just download the study packet and send me a document that demonstrates that you completed that tutorial.

Final Assessment:

As indicated in the portfolio, video, and resumé assignments, Please start your own thread of peer feedback by posting your video and portfolio (link, document, etc.) in the discussion board with your name on it, then make sure you review and comment on all the other class members in their discussion board.




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