Hort 436
Competition Design and Commentation

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Course Description:
This course is designed to enhance the student's ability to develop freestyle and structured designs from various materials for competetive designing and presentation.  Flower judging, product familiarity and evaluation, advanced floral structures and skills will be emphasized.

Course Objectives:
To be able to judge quality and sourcing of floral products.
To become familiar with AIFD, and other floral professional organizations.
Study floral competition designs and presentations, and develop your own style of presentation.
Practice presentation designing by preparing floral displays for the weekly devotionals on campus.

Information Links:

http://www.aifd.org/                                                                       American Institute of Floral Designers

http://www.endowment.org/                                                           AFE web page

http://www.aboutflowers.com                                                        saf's consumer web page

http://www.safnow.org/member.html                                           saf info     scroll down for info about pfci

https://safnow.org/about-saf/awards/pfci/ Society of American Florists

http://www.floraldesignmagazine.com/ Great compendium of designers, online magazine from New Zealand


http://www.jhc.com/                 formerly the John Henry Company, Multi Packaging Solutions