Hort 437
Interpretive Design

Prerequisite course:  Hort 335

Benjamin Romney
  Office:  BEN 145  Floral Design Studio:  BEN 147    tel:  (208)  496-4590  email:  < romneyb@byui.edu>
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Course Description:
This course is an advanced level review of the artistic side of the floral design world. The course participant will develop the ability to use floral products and decorative materials to interpret ideas from other art forms in an expression of creativity. Fluency with the language of flowers, and product knowledge are emphasized.

Course Outcomes or Objectives:
Demonstrate the ability to use appropriate structural design and technique with a broad range of floral materials by preparing a floral display to be placed in the Manwaring Student Center (MC) at a designated time during the semester.
Develop and demonstrate an individual floral signature style.

Developing your own style: Art Statement Exercise Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
Final Design Assignment: Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 resulting in the MC display floral piece.
Attendance and participation in class discussions.

Developing your own design style: You will be given much exposure to some excellent examples of interpretive design work.  By observing, and practicing on your time and during Flower Center, you will develop a final signature of your style of work.  Your final design will be a self portrait, interpretive and unique to you, reflective of your feelings and interpretation of another work of art.



Art Statement Exercise:

Part 1

For this exercise, please look over the following documents, written by students or graduates of BYU Idaho. These fine artists are displayed in various galleries. Albin and Josh had a show at the Spori Gallery some years ago, and these were their artist statements at that time, just a few years after completing their BA degrees at BYUI.

Albin Veselka pdf

Joshua Clare pdf

Giovanni Defendis, more recently completed his BA in Art from BYUI, is now developing a ceramic studio.
artist statement: http://defendisceramics.wixsite.com/giovannidefendis/artist-statement

Take some time to look over their work. Please follow the links below to see their personal information and get a feel for the art they create.

Alvin Veselka


Giovanni Defendis
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/defendis.ceramics/
web page: http://defendisceramics.wixsite.com/giovannidefendis


You should also search the internet to discover the galleries that are displaying their work. See how their work is valued, displayed, and marketed.

Part 2

To help you gain a professional perspective on art and architecture, please study the links below that I selected, some because of their unusual situations and challenges, and others who are excellent examples of long term success, with the hope that you can gain some insights into how to develop a lasting, successful career. This will also help you consider your own situation, unique difficulties you have faced, and opportunities you have been given. This is an important component of developing your own artist statement.

Architect: Andrea Pardo Spaulding

Architect Harold H. Fisher

Andrea Cochrin, Landscape Architect

Here is a list of several LA firms:

Now, for a deeper learning experience in developing your style,

some "Inspiration and Ideas" connecting the Art to the Industry

Here is a peek at several great designers. Some of them are also listed below individually, but this is a good place to start:

Gregor Lersch,

Daniel Ost,

 Phil Rulloda

 Kathy Hillen-Rulloda

 Hitomi Gilliam,
http://www.hitomi-art.com/   new site coming soon:  http://hitomigilliam.com/ (both under construction)

Life3 a collaboration of three individual designers: Per Benjamin, Swedin; Max van de Sluis, Netherlands; Thomas de Bruyne, Belgium

J Schwanke (sign up and watch a few webisodes of JTV)

Jane Packer

Paula Pryke

Ian Prosser

 Ian Prosser, J. Keith White
and other FTD design team members

Christine de Beer

 Regula Allenspach Weill, AIFD

Damien Koh

W. Ian Whipple

and just for fun... Gordon Lee (it is in Chinese...)
and here is his website:

Part 3

Prepare your own "artist statement."

Based on the examples you have studied, gather your thoughts and ideas into an artist statement of your own. Include enough information to allow others to understand your interests and inspiration, and what you intend to do with your abilities and preparation


Final Design assignment

Step 1

Select a favorite piece of art on display in the Manwaring Center that both inspires you and allows you to connect the general feelings of your "artist statement."

Step 2

Following the feelings and inspiration of this piece of art, develop an interpretive floral design that can be displayed during the assigned time periods during the semester. You will need to creatively come up with the design, the materials, and the construction of your piece with materials you can find locally, along with the materials that will be made available to you via the Flower Center. Your design piece will be on public display, and will need to be set up and taken down at the designated times discussed in class.

The design should include a structural grid system to support it. It can be made of materials that are strong enough to last for several hours. Artificial materials, dried materials, and structural components of wood or metal are allowed, along with fresh materials. Most of these design pieces will be displayed on easels available in the Flower Center
You can incorporate fresh flowers by providing appropriate water supply such as foam, cages, water tubes (which should be disguised as part of the structure. Any artificial flowers used must be sourced and purchased by the participating student.

Step 3

Print your personal "artist statement" in large type so that it can easily be read by passers by) You should include a description or explanation of your design, explaining how the piece of art and the floral design you have created are related.

Please know and identify all materials, sources, and prices of the material that is used in your design.


Your grade is based on participation, thoroughness of design ideas & execution, and attendance in class.  Your bright participation in class discussions, and your alert attention to the many forms of instruction will be duly noted.  You may be asked to participate at any time with material you have gathered, so be prepared by looking over the links below, reading magazines, books, and reviewing the various presentations we will watch together during class periods.