NORTHWEST Floral Design FIELD TRIP     Parents and family:  in case of emergency, it would be best to leave a message at the hotel where we will be staying that evening.  My cell phone is 208 313-4287, but service will not be available in Canada.  I will have it on while in washington the first day and on friday and saturday.
Mon 6 Oct Depart at 6 am   (meet in Benson 147 @ 5:45 am)
a long, beautiful, scenic drive through montana and washington (bring lunch & snacks)
  Arrive and spend the evening at Snoqualmie Pass Resort
 BW  Summit Inn  425/434-6300
 fax: 425/434-6396
Tues 7 Oct Meet in Nikki’s  Room for devotional and prayer@7:30
Ferry to Vancouver Island from Port Angeles then tour Empress hotel, convention center, Parliament bldg, waterfront shops in Victoria, BC
 Queen Victoria Inn 250/386-1312
 fax:  250/381-4312
Wed 8 Oct Meet in Mackenzie’s  Room for devotional and prayer@8:00
Tour Butchart Gardens in the morning, then travel by ferry to Vancouver, British Colombia.  (if we ferry across in time before closing, we will visit:)
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden  (Diana 604 662-3207)
 Corner of Keefer and Carrall streets in chinatown
Granville Island Market
Then spend the evening on Robson Street—you must try the crepes!
 Empire Landmark Hotel 604/687-0511
Thur 9 Oct Meet by vans for prayer @ 5:30 am(Mackenzie’s  room in charge)
6:00 am  United Flower Growers Auction
  Henk Grasmeyer 604/430-2211 cell: 604/817-6576
David L. Jones Wholesale Florist
  Tony Graaf cell:604/805-1881  mailto:
Mandeville Gardens
Expressive Designs Florist Inc.
 Alma and 10th Ave.   Stan’s  cell:  604 732-6648
Thomas Hobbs Florist  2147 W. 41st St  604 263-2601
University of British Columbia (UBC) Botanical garden, Asian garden
Nitobe Memorial garden
Bloedel Conservatory & Queen Elizabeth Park
 Empire Landmark Hotel 604/687-0511
Fri 10 Oct Meet in Nikki’s  Room for devotional and prayer@7:30
We will stop briefly to visit Molbak’s World Famous Garden Center and Florist, then stop for photos at the Bellevue LDS Temple grounds.  Then we proceed on to Veradale, WA (east end of Spokane metro area)
 Best Western  Pheasant Hill   509/926-7432   fax: 509/892-1914

Sat 11 Oct Meet in Mackenzie’s  Room for devotional and prayer@7:30
We return to Rexburg, with lunch along the way, home by evening.

Field Trip check list:
Monday morning we will meet at 5:45 am, leave by 6:00 am
ID       You need to have a driver’s license, your ricks ID card, and your birth certificate or passport.  (This will prove that you are not an alien, something that I may not be able to do myself, being from another planet)
Clothing     It is imperative that you bring clothing.  When you are in the swimming pool or hot tub, a swimming suit would be best.  When you are in the van, ricks standards apply, as throughout the entire trip, so please make certain you don’t bring clothing that is inappropriate.  The temperatures are generally mild to cool, but we could face rain and wind.  While we cross the straight of Juan de Fuca from Port Angeles, it can get windy and cool.  Most of the rest of the time we should be ok with things you would wear here during pleasant autumn evenings.
Umbrella--To keep the rain off
Food     On Monday, please bring lots of great munchies that will help keep your drivers alert.  Mostly bring food for yourself, though, and plan on paying for your own food the first day.  There will be some meals provided with the tour fee you paid. (See chart below for approximate idea:)
 Mon tues wed thur fri sat
breakfast s h auct h h
Lunch s s br s s br
dinner s br br br br s
s indicates that you pay (student)
h indicates breakfast @ hotel (included)
br indicates you will be fed or given food $ by bro romney
auct indicates Henk Grassmeyer will host a continental breakfast @ auction
 please be alert and grateful
bring own breakfast on Monday
Bring own lunch or plan on fast food  monday
dinner Monday--there is a “family pancake house” restaurant near the hotel
    or bring your own if you are a light eater.
$$$$$     current conversion is approximately 1.34 canadian to 1.00 US, or 1.00 US to .75 canadian     In other words, your dollar will buy 1.34’s worth of goods in canada.  If you buy dinner that is listed on the menu for 15.00 canadian, it will actually cost you 11.20 US
   You should plan on the meals indicated above, say 7 meals at somewhere around7.50,or around 50.00 for your food needs.  You can be frugal some of the time, and splurge some of the time.
   You may want to bring some additional funds for souvenirs and other personal items or expense.  If you are currently on any medication, or have a medical condition that could require some attention, please let bro or sis R know.  (You may need some TLC, and Kaye (sis R) is the resident mom.)

   According to web weather info, typically we could expect some rain, temperatures ranging from low to mid 40’s at night, and mid to upper fifties during the day.  You will want to prepare for cool temps, but shouldn’t have to deal with sub freezing--we hope. (Umbrella, light jacket, sweater)

I suggest you bring a safe backpack or carry bag to hold your camera, film, a bottle of water, and any other items you may need as we visit businesses and walk about town.  You can probably work together so that not everyone has to carry everything.

United Flower Growers Auction   This is the largest Dutch auction house in North America, patterned after Aalsmeer.  Henk will give us a thorough tour and explanation of the facility, and will feed you breakfast     Henk Grasmeyer  604/430-2211 cell: 604/834-4638

David L. Jones Wholesale A large wholesale florist, one of the premier in North America.  Tony Graaf cell:604/805-1881

Mandeville Gardens Great nursery/florist combination.

Thomas Hobbs Florist Recommended as a premier florist in the city of Vancouver 2127 W 41st Vancouver 604/263-2601

Robson Street A restored area of vancouver, full of a great diversity of shops and people.  You can stroll along and wander into exotic soap shops (Lush), eat an authentic french crepe, or wander off on a more distant walk to China town or Gas town

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden largest Chinese garden in N. America
 Corner of Keefer and Carrall streets in chinatown
Expressive Designs Florist Inc. European country designs
 Alma and 10th Ave.   Stan’s  cell:  604 732-6648
University of British Columbia (UBC) Botanical garden, Asian garden influence
Nitobe Memorial garden, a casual walk through a Japanese garden
Bloedel Conservatory & Queen Elizabeth Park, a wonderful interiorscape collection
Empire Landmark Hotel -- the tallest hotel in Vancouver.  Enjoy the view!

BYU Idaho Floral Design Group Reservation
Rooming List:

Room No._______
Ben Romney (faculty)
Kaye Romney (chaperon)

Room No._______
Nikki Leaming
Anne McCurdy
Casey Anne Whelan
Shayla Dickson
Bethany Romney

Room No._______
Mackenzie Beck
Tina Gagliardi
Natalie Eames
Emily Gallup