Hort 338R    Wedding and Event Planning
Credit hours:  3.0 credits

Benjamin Romney  (208) 496-4590  Benson 145 < romneyb@byui.edu>
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Course Description:
Theories, methods, and materials involved in preparation for wedding and special events. The class prepares the learner for opportunities to plan and design floral products for weddings. Discussion and activities focus on organization and leadership involved in preparation for a campus event called the Fashion and Floral Gala, held in conjunction with the Home and Family Department.

The purpose of this course is to learn leadership and organization involved in Events Planning.  A system of committees is developed to procure, organize, and design floral and plant materials for large events.  The outcome of this course is to enable each student to understand the dynamics of organizing a large event, and developing specific portions of the event through small group cooperation.  Each student is responsible for maintaining a time log showing committee involvement and the outcome of the group's effort for the open house.  The class is repeatable so that students may increase their responsibility through multiple opportunities to stage an event by participating more than one time during their tenure on the campus.

Course Objectives:
Demonstrate understanding of event planning by participating successfully in the Fashion and Floral Gala preparations, and event.
Explain the organization required to set up, run, and strike after the event.
Demonstrate construction of basic bridal flowers, stage decorations, and other floral adornments.

Event Evaluation: includes a Time Log, Evaluation of committee member and design group participation, and personal perpective on post-event evaluation.
Attendance and participation in event planning meetings, design workshops, event setup, and strike.
Bouquet Evaluation Assessment: description, identification, and pricing of selected bridal bouquets.

Grades will be based primarily on participation, attendance, and your actual design work for the Flower and Bridal Open House.  Your timely completion of assignments, and your level of committment will determine the letter grade that you receive. Grading includes peer evaluations, self evaluations, and observation by the instructor.