Hort 435 Advanced Floral Design
Prerequisites:  Hort 335, or consent of instructor
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Study Links and downloads for the class:

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Hort 435 Advanced Floral Design

Course Description:
This course is designed to advance the retail design skills learned while serving a floral internship. The individual student skills are evaluated and modified to meet the rigors of working in the industry through design projects, design evaluation, oral presentation, and repetitive exercises.

Course Objectives:

To achieve a Professional level of floral design skill, with emphasis on retail flower shop operation, products, and materials
Particular attention is given to developing speed, proficiency, and quality after students have completed a floral internship experience. The prime directive for the course is to attain fluency in the language of flowers.

Additional emphasis is placed on personal appearance, conduct, management, and communication. You will be evaluated in your ability to produce designs rapidly, and your ability to calculate costs, describe materials, and present information to clients. The culmination of the class is a presentation of coordinated floral products and designs in front of the camera, with peer and instructor evaluation and comment.


The class is scheduled for winter semester. It meets Wednesday and Friday from 12:45 pm to 3:00 pm. The Flower Center is open Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 pm for lab assignments and project preparation. You will be required to spend some time in Flower Center to prepare for class exercises. It is recommended that you enroll in flower center, but if you do not, you can still use that time for assigned work from Advanced Design. You should consider having available a digital camera so that you can document your work for your personal portfolio. The Portfolio class (hort 339) is available during the semester for you to further pursue developing your expressive documentation. It would be wise to take advantage of the opportunity to work on your portfolio.

DESIGN JOURNAL: In this class you will be required to keep a journal of progress commencing the first day. This requires a three ring binder with blank paper for sketching, and lined paper for notes. The course is filled with group discussion, individual and group design, and lecture. You will need to document your progress in the journal by keeping track of design time. You will be asked to share your comments, sketches, and ideas periodically throughout the course with class members, and with the instructor. It is your responsibility to document what you have learned as we participate together in design and discussion. The quality and quantity of your notes will be an important evaluation tool to determine your grade.

Every design that you make during the course should be included in the journal, with a list and description of the floral materials used, the estimated retail price calculated, a sketch of the design, thoughts and ideas about the design, and the amount of time it took you to complete it. You should seek additional supplemental material from magazines, web sites, and books that will enhance your abilities as a floral design artist. If you include copyrighted material in your journal, please indicate the source, so as not to violate any laws. The instructor may inspect your journal at any time.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, all qualified students enrolled in this course are entitled to “reasonable accommodation.” It is the student's responsibility to disclose to the teacher any special need she/he may have before the end of the first week of class.

Texts for the course are:
and The AIFD Guide to Floral Design (Terms, Techniques, and Traditions) (I assume you have this from the 335 class, etc. as it is used in all of the floral classes)

Cut Flowers of the World, by Johann Maree and Ben-Erik Van Wyk

Neotropica Hawaii Tropical Flower + Plant Guide by Hitomi Gilliam AIFD and Lois Hiranaga AIFD photos by Colin Gilliam

recommended reading: Flower Confidential, by Amy Stewart (available as hard bound or soft bound--this can also be studied as part of a special problem class)

Your grade will be comprised of:

Study Exam

Your design journal, including peer evaluations
this measures your attendance and effort to participate, which you will document in the design journal. This will be subjectively determined by the teacher as well.

Completion of reading and discussion assignments

Final sales and design presentation

Flower identification quizes and exam

Field Trip:
Tentatively we will venture out on a field trip from 17 March to 24 March 2011

This is a great time to travel to Southern California where we will visit the Los Angeles Flower District, see the horticulture displays of Disneyland, visit floral distributors and growers, see the interiors of Hearst Castle, visit the campus of University of California San Luis Obispo and the fabulous botanical garden there. Students in this course are required to participate in the field excursion. If you feel that you are an exception to that, please see me the first week of class. The primary cost of the trip is included in the lab fee for the course.

Tentative Class discussion and activity schedule for the full semester:

Weeks 1 and 2 (4 Jan to 13 Jan)
Fluency in the language of flowers, self evaluation
Design vs arrange
Weeks 3 and 4 (16 to 27 Jan)
Pricing, vase variations, flower identification
Altering materials, colour tool
Weeks 5 and 6 (1 to 10 Feb)
sympathy, acquisition
constructing, structure, armatures, float designing
Weeks 7 and 8 (15 to 24 Feb)
Defining style: minimalism, high style, contemporary, line design, matching décor, trends, styles
design process, consultation, selling vs. order-taking.
Weeks 9 and 10 (29 Feb to 9 Mar) (please note that we will be involved in various ways with the Open House, held this year on 10 March)
speed, quality, care and handling
Week 11 (14 to 16 Mar)
flower identification final

Week 12 Field Trip to Los Angeles Flower and Fashion District

Week 13 (28 to 30 Mar)
Final design presentations, review final presentations

Week 14 (4, 5 April) assist with convocation and commencement flowers

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