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These writings are my published works or other papers used in various forums.

Updated: 28 January 2003  Many have asked to have access to my PhD dissertation - it has been added under Church History.

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New Testament
The Following is a study of the Gospel of Matthew (It is in the process of being written.  The following is the first draft.)

    The Structure of Matthew
       The Three-Fold Structure of Matthew

    The Prologue
       Matthew 1-2: The Birth of Christ Narrative

    The Main Body
       Matthew 3-4: The First Narrative and Discourse
       Matthew 8-10: The Second Narrative and Discourse
       Matthew 11-13:  The Third Narrative and Discourse
       Matthew 14-18:  The Fourth Narrative and Discourse
       Matthew 19-25:  The Fifth Narrative and Discourse

    The Climax
        Matthew 26-28:  The Passion Narrative