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First Presidency


Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary
Learning Doctrine, Scripture Study Teachings and Quotes on Various Subjects
Teachings Regarding Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ

Scattering and Gathering of Israel

Marriage, Parenthood, and Sealings
Trials and Tribulations
Light of Christ, Holy Ghost, Ministering of Angels (For further teachings scroll down to Plan of Salvation section) Creation, Fall, Natural Man, etc.  (For further teachings scroll down to Plan of Salvation section) Atonement

Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, Sacrament
and Sabbath Day


Plan of Salvation
Collections of Teachings from Scriptures and the Brethren Concerning Various Aspects of the Plan of Salvation


General Biblical Studies

Old Testament
New Testament

Church History

  Palmyra, NY
      Etching - The Smith Family Farm 
      Photo - Smith Log Home

      Photo - Smith Log Home Upstairs
      Photo - Smith Log Home Kitchen 
and Etching- Smith Log Home With Fence
                  (Joseph Smith falls while attempting to cross the fence)
      Photo  - The Smith Frame House
      Photo - Hyrum Smith's Box where the plates were hid
      Photo - Smith Family Frame House Fireplace Hearth and Kitchen
     Photo - Smith Family Cooper's Shop
      Photo - Grandin Press Exterior
      Photo - Grandin Press Interior
      Photo - E. B. Grandin

  Fayette, NY
      Photo - Peter Whitmer Farm House
      Photo - Peter Whitmer Farm House Upper Bedroom

 Harmony, PA
Photo - Harmony
Photo - Susquehanna River 
 Kirtland, Ohio
     Photo - Newel K. Whitney Home
     Photo - Newel K. Whitney Store
      Photo - Newel K. Whitney Store Main Floor
      Photo - Newel K. Whitney Store Upper Rooms

     Photo - Isaac Morely Farm 

      Photo - Kirtland Temple

      Drawing -  Kirtland Temple Original Floor Plans First Level  (BYU)

      Drawing -  Kirtland Temple Original Floor Plans Third Level  (BYU)

      Drawing -  Kirtland Temple Side Sectional View  (The First Mormon

      Photo - Kirtland Temple Melchizedek Priesthood Pulpits  (BYU)

      Photo - Kirtland Temple MP Pulpits and Veil  (The First Mormon Temple)  
      Photo -  Kirtland Temple Upper Level West End Room

  Hiram, Ohio
Photo - The John Johnson Farm House 
      Photo - The John Johnson Farm House - Side View 
      Photo - Joseph and Emma's bedroom at the John Johnson home        
      Etching - Bowery at the John Johnson Home

  Nauvoo, Ill     

      Map of Nauvoo

Original Nauvoo Temple

        Rare Photograph 

      Daguerreotype Picture

        Floor Plan

        Drawing - Front View

        Drawing -  Back View

        Drawing of a pilaster with stars

        Original Sunstone  (BYU)

        Original Moonstone  (BYU)

     Modern Nauvoo Temple
        Photo - Front View

        Photo - East side pilasters

        Photo - Sunstones, Five-pointed and six -pointed stars stones

        Photo - Sunstone and Stars -- Close up

     Red Brick Store
        Red Brick Store  

        Red Brick Store Front View 
        Red Brick Store Joseph Smith's Office
        Red Brick Store Upper Storage Area

     The Nauvoo Groves
        The Nauvoo Grove

  Salt Lake City, UT
    The Salt Lake Temple
         Photo - Salt Lake Temple Exterior

     The Endowment House  
         Photo - The Endowment House