Religion 327

The Pearl of Great Price

A study of the doctrines found in Pearl of Great Price

Adam and Eve
First Day Screen

Power Point  "Duality in the Creation Accounts"
Grading Syllabus--Including Assignment Rubrics 
Fall 2019   (Grading and Assignment Rubrics)
  • Includes the rubrics for:  Course Paper ; Scripture Reading ; and Article Write-ups to be used to write the Course Paper.
  • Suggestions for Temple Article Collection Assignment, can be found by scrolling to the end of this page.
Daily Reading Assignment Schedule
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Texts for this Course
  • The Scriptures (all four standard works, either hard copy or electronic)
Pearl of Great Price
  • The 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language  (Use may use this link. You can also get this as a free App for I Phones and Androids, and I suspect other cell phone opperating systems as well. I Phone has a free app, a $1.99 version, and $2.99 version. I have used the free version for several years up to my I Phone 8+ and works just fine.) 

Documents for the Study of The Pearl of Great Price

The Pearl of Great Price: What is It? How it Came About?

1851 Edition of The Pearl of Great Price

The Current Edition of The Pearl of Great Price

Moses 1
The Premortal Existence of Man
Purpose of Mortality

The Creation

Fall of Adam

The Atonement

*Adam Receives the Preparatory and Everlasting Gospel -  Helper for Course Review Paper
This is designed to help you write this portion of the paper   (THIS IS NO COMPLETE BUT A WORK IN PROGRESS)

The Preparatory Gospel

The Everlasting Gospel - Temple
The Enochian Covenant
The Abrahamic Covenant
Establishment of Satan's Kingdom

Documents for the Study of the Book of Abraham

Suggested Talks/Articles to Include in Temple Collection
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Gospel Library Archive