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Religion 341

History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1815-1846

A study of the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through the Nauvoo Period.


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Course Text Books and Articles
  Required Texts
Each are linked  Each are available online or LDS Gospel Library apps.
  • The Scriptures--all four standard works!  (We will often be using the Doctrine and Covenants during class discussions.)

    Recommended Texts
  • (Teaching material for use of Saints: 1815-1846)  Latter-day Saint History: 1815-1846 Teacher Material PDF VersionHTML Version

Online Visuals Used in Class

Selected Readings for the Religion 341
Selected Discourses from Joseph Smith During the Nauvoo Period
Articles, et.c., Concerning the Doctrinal Restoration of the Gospel

Resources to aid the study of Church History --THIS IS BEING INTIRELY REVISED TO FIT THE NEW TEXT BOOK.

Internet Sites
Early Church History Documents
  • Parley P. Pratt, Voice of Warning. New York, 1837. (Book written by Parley P. Pratt, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, that was the first book to emphasize the difference between Mormonism and traditional Christianity.)
Church Periodicals or News Papers

Resources to Aid the Study of the course text book Church History in the Fulness of Times 

Chapter One Prelude to the Reformation
    Non-Biblical Doctrines and Practices Developed Within the Catholic Church
     The Prophets on the Reformers
    Early Reformers (Wycliffe and Huss)
     The Reformers
    Calvinism TULIP Doctrines
    Synod of Dordt
     English Reformation and Founding of the United States

Chapter Two Joseph Smith's New England Heritage
    God's Use of the House of Ephraim - Erastus Snow
    Brigham Young on Joseph Smith's Ancestory

    John Lathrop
         John Lothrop  Wikipedia
         The Rev. John Lathrop and the LDS Church   From Oluf Christian Larsen web site
         John Lathrop List of Famous Descendants  --- Familypedia   
         Prominent Descendents of John Lathrop

    Henry Howland Descendants    
Joseph Smith Sr.'s Dream of the Barren Field
   Robert Mason

Three  The First Vision

The Smith Family Farm and the Sacred Grove

Etching - The Smtih Family Farm  (Etching located at the Smith Family Farm in Palmyra)
Photo - Smith Log Home   
Photo - Smith Log Home Kitchen 
Photo - Sacred Grove

Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, Donald L. Enders, Robert F. Parrot, Larry C. Porter, "Return to the Sacred Grove," Religious Educator 11, no. 2 (2010): 147–157.  (A discussion of the caretaking and restoration of the sacred grove.)

First Vision Accounts

Articles concerning the First Vision
        Photo - Reverend George Lane, A Traveling Methodist Minister

Chapter Four  A Period of Preparation, 1823-29

Accounts of Moroni's Visits
     Heber C. Kimball's Account of Astronomical Events the Night Joseph received the plates:
           The Eventful Night of Sept. 22, 1827

Smith Family Farm
     Etching - The Smtih Family Farm  (Etching located at the Smith Family Farm in Palmyra)
     Photo - Smith Log Home 
     Photo - Smith Log Home Upstairs
     Photo with etching -  Smith Log Home with Fence
                 (Joseph Smith falls while attempting to cross the fence)
     Photo - The Smith Frame Home 
     Photo - Hyrum Smith's Box where the plates were hid  
     Photo - Smith Family Frame House Fireplace Hearth and Kitchen
     Photo - Smith Family Cooper's Shop  

The Remarkable Story of Williard and Rebbeca Bean Story
Called by Joseph F. Smith in 1915 to move to Palmyra and live in the Frame Home and represent the Church in Palmyra area. The main goal of the mission was to create a friendly attitude between the people of Palmyra and Manchester who had bitter feelings towards the Church. The Bean's were the first LDS to live in Palmyra/Manchester in 84 years.  The mission was to last five years but they were finally released in 1939, 24 years later.
  • Vicki Bean Zimmerman, "Williard Bean," Ensign, Jun 1985, 26-29.
  • "Willard Bean: Mormon Missionary" (
  • Mormon Channel  Willard Bean Episode 3   (Story of Williard and Rebecca Bean who were assigned to move into the 'Frame Home' -- the house the Smith family built on their farm and moved into in 1825.

Harmony, PA 
Emma Smith

Chapter Five Coming Forth of the Book od Mormon and Restoration of the Priesthood

Joseph Smith Learning Truth about the First Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel.

Photo - Susquehanna River Bank 
Larry C. Porter, “Joseph Smith’s Susquehanna Years,” Ensign, Feb 2001, 42     
New York
Photo - Peter Whitmer Farm House
Photo - Peter Whitmer Farm House Upstairs Bedroom
Photo - Three Witnesses and the Whitmer Farm

Photo - Egbert B. Grandin
Photo - Grandin Press  Exterior
Photo - Grandin Press Interior
Photo - John H. Gilbert, Chief Typesetter
Photo - 1830 Book of Mormon Title Page 
Hill Comorah's Cave  -- Brigham Young's Statement

The Three Witnesses

Restoration of Priesthood
Priesthood Authority and Keys
    Chapter Six  Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ
        Photo - Peter Whitmer Farm House
        Photo - Peter Whitmer Farm House Winter View
        Photo - Peter Whitmer Farm House Upstairs Bedroom
        Photo - Peter Whitmer Farm House Kitchen 
        Photo - Peter Whitmer Farm House Dedication

         Those who helped Joseph Smith--
        The Organization of the Church

       The Church's First Miracle--The "Levitation," of Newell Knight 


    Chapter Seven   The Infant Church Expands

    Articles and Covenants (D&C 20)
    Doctrine and Covenants 29 -- What the Joseph Smith Papers Discover about Why this Revelation was Given
    • Click here for the Joseph Smith Papers Manuscript Revelation Books Volume 1--for D&C 29.

       Photo - Parley P. Pratt
        Photo - Sidney Rigdon

        Dean L. Larsen, “Mingled Destinies: The Lamanites and the Latter-day Saints,” Ensign, Dec 1975, 8

    Chapter Eight  The Gathering to Ohio

    The Call to Go to "the Ohio"
    • D&C 37 (December 1830)
    • D&C 38;   January 1831 Conference  (January Conference of the Church: The saints ask for greater understanding as to why they were asked to move--Joseph Smith receives answer in D&C 38)
    "The Law" -- The Law of Consecration
    June Conferences of the Church
    Photo's of Kirtland Area
        Photo - Kirtland Relief Map
    Photo - Newel K. Whitney Store and Home
        Photo - Newel K. Whitney Home
         Photo - Newel K. Whitney Store
         Photo - Newel K. Whitney Store Main Floor
         Photo - Newel K. Whitney Store Upper Rooms
         Photo - Translating Room, Newel K. Whitney Store
         Photo - Isaac Morley Farm and School House

    Chapter Nine Gathering to the Land of Zion
          Aerial View of New Jerusalem Temple Site  (Church of Christ Postcard)
          New Jerusalem Temple Corner Markers  (Church of Christ Postcard)
          Aerial View of the Outline of the New Jerusalem Temple  (Church of Christ Postcard)
          Founding of Zion - The Covenant Recorded by John Whitmer

    Steven C. Harper, "All Things Are the Lord's": The Law of Consecration in the Doctrine and Covenants," in Andrew H. Hedges, et al, Eds. The Doctrine and Covenants: Revelations in Context. Religious Studies Center, BYU and Deseret Book, 2008. 212-227

    Chapter Ten  Development of the Church in Ohio, 134-36
    Hiram, Ohio
         Photo - The John Johnson Farm House 
          Photo - The John Johnson Farm House - Side View 
          Photo - Joseph and Emma's bedroom at the John Johnson home        
          Etching - Bowery at the John Johnson Home

             William E. McLellin's Account of D&C 66

    Robert J. Woodford, The Story of the Doctrine and Covenants (Ensign, Dec. 1984), pp. 32-38

    Robert J. Woodford, "How the Revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants Were Received and Compiled,"  (Ensign, Jan. 1985, pp. 27-33)

    David Rolph Seely, “The Joseph Smith Translation: ‘Plain and Precious Things’ Restored,” Ensign, Aug 1997, 9
    Robert J. Matthews, “Joseph Smith’s Inspired Translation of the Bible,” Ensign, Dec 1972, 61
    Robert J. Matthews, “Joseph Smith’s Efforts to Publish His Bible ‘Translation’,” Ensign, Jan 1983, 57–58


    Karl Ricks Anderson, Ch. 10, Appearances of the Father and the Son, in Joseph Smith's Kirtland: Eyewitness Accounts [1989]

    Chapter Eleven  Expulsion from Jackson County

    Joseph Smith's Plan of New Jerusalem

    Bruce R. McConkie, "The Lord's American Zion" (Discussion of Zion--Jackson County--United Order)
    Max H Parkin, “Missouri’s Impact on the Church,” Ensign, Apr 1979, 57
    Alexander L. Baugh, “From High Hopes to Despair: The Missouri Period, 1831–39,” Ensign, Jul 2001, 44
    Max H Parkin, “Lessons from the Experience,” Ensign, Jul 2001, 52
    William O. Nelson, “To Prepare a People,” Ensign, Jan 1979, 18

    Grahm W. Doxey, "Missouri Myths," Ensign, Apr. 1979, 64-65.
              Discusses three myths that exist in the regarding Missouri in the future.

    D&C 101:  The Parable of the Olive Orchard and the Watchtower

    Chapter Twelve Zion's Camp

           Quotes Concerning Zion's Camp

              Stanley B. Kimball, "Zion's Camp March from Ohio to Missouri, 1834," Ensign, Apr. 1979, 45-46.
                            (Discusses the route Zion's Camp took, including maps.)
           Alexander L. Baugh, “Joseph Smith and Zion’s Camp,” Ensign, Jun 2005, 42–47
             Ronald W. Walker, “Zions Camp,” Tambuli, Dec 1978, 37
             David A.Bednar, "On the Lord's Side: Lessons from Zion's Camp," Ensign, July 2017, 26-35.


    Chapter Thirteen  Glorious Days in Kirtland

         Photo's - Original Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

         Kirtland Temple Side View   

         Kirtland Temple Front View 

         Kirtland Temple Back View  

         Kirtland Temple Original Floor Plans 

         Kirtland Temple Original Floor Plans Third Level  (BYU)

         Kirtland Temple Side Sectional View  (The First Mormon Temple)

         Kirtland Temple Melchizedek Priesthood Pulpits  (BYU)

         Kirtland Temple MP Pulpits and Veil  (The First Mormon Temple)
         Kirtland Temple Upper Level West End Room

         The Kirtland Endowment (helps for understanding the Kirtland Endowment)


    Chapter Fourteen  The Apostasy in Kirtland, 1834-38

        Apostasy in Kirtland
         Conditions in Kirtland - Warren Cowdery in Messenger and Advocate
         Apostasy at Kirtland - From The Life of Heber C. Kimball
    Apostasy at Kirtland - Eliza R Snow
    Milton V. Backman Jr., “A Warning from Kirtland,” Ensign, Apr 1989, 26
         Milton V. Backman Jr., “Kirtland: The Crucial Years,” Ensign, Jan 1979, 24  
         Keith Perkins, “A House Divided: The John Johnson Family,” Ensign, Feb 1979, 54
          "Thou Shalt Not Covet,"  Gordon B. Hinckley    
          "Greed, Selfishness, and Overindulgence"  Elder Joe J. Christensen

        Mission to Great Britain
         Something New  - From The Life of Heber C. Kimball

        St. Willard Street House-Preston  (BYU)

         Willard Richards and Wife, Jeannetta
    James R. Moss, “The Kingdom Builders,” Ensign, Dec 1979, 27
         Richard L. Evans, “History of the Church in Great Britain,” Ensign, Sep 1971, 25

    The Church in Northern Missouri (Far West), 1836-38

       Far West


     The Law of Tithing



    Nauvoo (1839-46)

       Geography and Topography

        A Period of Testing


    Organization of Relief Society


         Far West Aerial View

         Orson Hydes Dedicatory Prayer of the Holy Land


    Chapter Nineteen

           Map of Nauvoo    

        Relief Society

           9. Relief Society, Handbook 2: Administering the Church

         Spencer W. Kimball, "Relief Society," Ensign, Mar. 1976,

         Julie B. Beck,"Fulfilling the Purpose of Relief Society," Ensign, Nov. 2008, pp. 108-111

         Julie B. Beck, "Relief Society: A Sacred Work," Ensign, Nov. 2009, pp; 110-114

         Julie B. Beck, "The Vision of Prophets regarding Relief Society: Faith, Family, Relief,"  Ensign, May 2012, pp. 83-85

          Boyd K. Packer, "Relief Society," Ensign, Nov. 1978, 7-9

          Boyd K. Packer, "The Circle of Sisters," Ensign, Nov. 1980,

          Boyd K. Packer, "Relief Society," Ensign, May, 1998, pp. 72-74

          Aileen H. Clyde (Second Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency), "What is Relief Society For?" Ensign, Nov, 1995,

       Nauvoo Temple  

          Original Nauvoo Temple

             Rare Photograph 

           Daguerreotype Picture

            Floor Plan

            Drawing - Front View

            Drawing -  Back View

            Drawing of a pilaster with stars

            Original Sunstone  (BYU)

            Original Moonstone  (BYU)

         Modern Nauvoo Temple
            Front View
            East side pilasters
            Sunstones, Five-pointed starstones, and eves with six -pointed stars
            Sunstone and Stars -- Close up

         Red Brick Store
            Red Brick Store 

            Red Brick Store Front View 
            Red Brick Store - Upper Storage Room
            Red Brick Store - Joseph Smith's Private Office

         The Nauvoo Groves
            The Nauvoo Groves



    Chapter Twenty

           Inauguration of Endowment Ceremonies

           Meanings and Functions of Temples - Hugh W. Nibley
           What is Reality?
           Endowment - Encyclopedia of Mormonism

           Exerpts From the Nauvoo Discourses of Joseph Smith


           The Nauvoo Groves

    Chapter Twenty-One


    Chapter Twenty-Two

      The Winter of 1843-44 Meetings With the Twelve

              The Winter of 1843-44 Meetings

              Keys of the Kingdom  - Wilford Woodruff
              Wilford Woodruff, “The Keys of the Kingdom,” Ensign, Apr 2004, 29
    Brent L. Top and Lawrence R. Flake, “‘The Kingdom of God Will Roll On’: Succession in the Presidency,” Ensign, Aug 1996, 22

       Apostates Within the Church

    The Denison L. Harris and Robert Scott Story

       Succession of Presidency (President of the Church)

    Teachings Concerning Priesthood Keys
    James E. Faust, "Keys That Never Rust"

    N. Eldon Tanner, "Chosen of the Lord"

    Gordon B. Hinckley, "God Is At the Helm"

    Brent L. Top and Lawrence R. Flake, “‘The Kingdom of God Will Roll On’: Succession in the Presidency,” Ensign, Aug 1996, 22

       The Martyrdom

    Reed Blake, “Martyrdom at Carthage,” Ensign, Jun 1994, 30
    M. Russell Ballard, “Brothers Bound by Love and Faith,” Ensign, Sep 1994, 64–68


            The Martyrdom Painting (BYU)

              The Martyrdom - Inside jailor's room  Painting  (BYU)

              Carthage Jail (BYU)

              Carthage Jail Graphic  (BYU)

              Carthage Jail - Stair well  (BYU)

              Carthage Jail - Stair well  (BYU)

              Carthage Jail - Jailor's bedroom  (BYU)

              Carthage Jail - Jailor's bedroom door with bullet hole (BYU)

              Carthage Jail - Jailor's bedroom door wide view (BYU)

              Carthage Jail - Jailor's bedroom window and outside well  (BYU)

              John Taylor's Pocket Watch   (BYU)

              Joseph Smith's pepperbox pistol  (BYU)

              Joseph Smith's death mask  (BYU)

              Hyrum Smith death mask (BYU)

              John Taylor (BYU)

              Willard Richards