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Web Business I
MKT 250 M-W--SMI 440



Faculty Name & Info:

W. Kent Lundin


Smith 488
(208) 496-3635


Office Hours:

T-Th 11:30 - 1:00



Course Description--Web Business I

This course is designed for any student interested in building a web-based business.  Students will go through the necessary steps to build and launch a web-based business that is capable of accepting online payments.

Learning Outcomes

Successful students will:

  1.  Be able to systematically choose between numerous online business ideas.
  2. Create an online business including building the website, choosing a host and domain name.
  3. Have an understanding of administrative and tax issues that the students will have to address in starting an online business.
  4. Development and run a search engine pay per click campaign.
  5. Have an understanding of the main components of search engine optimization.
  6. Install and use web analytics to help track the success of marketing efforts for the online business.




2 projects @ 100 points, 3 projects @ 35 points, and one @ 25 points

330 pts

Lessons Learned Blog:  First Post @ 10 points, First Half Check @ 20 points, Second Half Check @ 20 points

50 pts

Participation: 1st third @ 30 points, 2nd third @ 30 points, 3rd third @ 40 points

100 pts


480 pts



B+ 87%

C+ 77%

D+ 67%

F <60%

A  93%

B   83%

C   73%

D   63%


A- 90%

B- 80%

C- 70%

D- 60%


NOTE:  No rounding--if you get 89.999999%, that is a B+

Class participation

·         -1 = Distraction…. comes late, leaves early, laptop up when should be closed, phone rings, texting,  not engaged to the point of comments are a distraction—takes class back to area already covered, disengaged i.e. makes comment and then disengages for the rest of the discussion.

·         0 = Absent

·         1 = Makes at least one comment. General comments such as case facts.  This student is prepared, respectful, and is not a distraction to the learning environment but their comments are not viewed as having great depth.

·         2 = Makes at least one comment.  Comments demonstrate depth of analysis and preparation.  Comments build upon other student comments.  Follows the Rules of Engagement.  A score of 2 would meet the class expectation and would be the participation grade denominator.

·         3 = Comment would represent a meaningful insight that would come only by serious preparation, sincere and active listening, and meaningful analysis.  These comments take the discussion to the next level. 


** Unprepared to open the discussion… 1/3  grade deduction  i.e.  B +   à   B


Rules of Engagement


Class Policies

Late assignments will be marked down by 20%   No work accepted more than one week late.  

If an assignment is late due to a medical emergency or family tragedy, leave a message on my answering machine and I will work with you.  Trips home, etc are not excuses for late work unless emergencies exist, so plan accordingly.  You may turn work in early if you are planning to miss a class.                          

The Code of Honor and Dress & Grooming standards apply and will be enforced.    Academic honesty is required and any violation with be dealt with according to the University Academic Honesty Policy

Policy on Sexual Discrimination/Harassment

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination against any participant in an education program or activity that receives federal funds, including Federal loans and grants. Title IX also covers student-to-student sexual harassment. If you encounter unlawful sexual harassment or gender based discrimination, please contact the Personnel Office at 496-1130.

Reasonable Accommodation for Students with Disabilities:

Brigham Young University-Idaho is committed to providing a working and learning atmosphere which reasonably accommodates qualified persons with disabilities. If you have any disability which may impair your ability to complete this course successfully, please contact the Services for Students with Disabilities Office, 496-1158. Reasonable academic accommodations are reviewed for all students who have qualified documented disabilities. Services are coordinated with the student and instructor by this office. If you need assistance or if you feel you have been unlawfully discriminated against on the basis of disability, you may seek resolution through established grievance policy and procedures. You should contact the Personnel Office at 496-1130.

 B 250 Tentative Class Schedule

Tools and Resources Past Students Sites




Orientation Descriptions of Projects
Orabrush Story on ABCnews


Choosing a business--Business Model and Idea Generation
Objective: Determine how to start when choosing an online business
Read the case and come to class prepared to do the following:

Opener:  Pretend like you are the fourth member of the group.  It is your turn to make a recommendation on what the group should do to choose a product.  You should point out the key issues and tell why they are issues.  You should tell whether you think they should decide on a business model first or if they should brainstorm business ideas first then choose a business model based on the top ideas or if they should do something else first.  Regardless, you should recommend your top two business models and be prepared to back up your recommendation with case fact and assumptions.

02.COM Case Part I

Reference: A Former Students Very Successful Business Lauren’s Latest, Good Morning America Video Business Models

Reference: Business Models on the Web & BizThoughts Brainstorming Business Ideas Russell Brunson and his Secret Magic Box, Internet Business Models, The Ultimate Master List of Revenue Models Used by Web and Mobile Companies, The Ultimate List of The Most Popular Online Business Ideas


Choosing a businessDemand and Competition
Objective:  to learn how to determine levels of demand and competition and systematically choose and evaluate online business ideas
Read the case and come to class prepared to do the following:


Opener:  You should pretend that you are Amy and give your recommendation between the two business ideas--chess or snowboards.  Your recommendation should be based on competition and demand only for now, and you need to support recommendation with evidence from the case the other notes. 


Also be prepared to discuss other criteria that you feel would be important to consider when choosing a business idea.


Preparation: Preparation: Watch How to Use the New Keyword Planner video and read 02.COM Case Part II



Reference: 3 pointers for Choosing an Business to Start & Opportunity Recognition & Choosing a Product or Service to Sell & Creative Brainstorming Techniques & How to Use Google Keyword Planner with Setting Up an Account


Sourcing the Product--Broker, Manufacturers, and Wholesalers
Objective: Learn how to find a supplier
Preparation: Read these Notes:
How to Find a Wholesale Distributor and How to Quantify and Compare.  Prepare the Shady Supplier Case and be prepared to present your finding in class.

In Class: Discuss what the class discovered and introduce the Project #1 Choosing A Business Ideas (Version 12) Instructions for using Keyword Planner to complete Project #1
Due Tomorrow:
Lessons Learned First Post



Work Day
Google AdSense
NO CLASS TODAY - I will be out of town. Please still do the following preparation.

Preparation: If you are considering a product idea that uses an advertising model, you should learn how to put advertisements on your website. One of the most common ways to put ads on your site is to use Google AdSense.  Watch or read the following:

·         What is it? What is Google AdSense, and How Do You Use AdSense to Make Money Online?

·         How do you set it up: Tutorial: How To Place AdSense Ads On Your Website

·         What type of sites are best for AdSense? Three Types of Sites That Have Quality AdSense Revenue


Sourcing the Product--Affiliates and Drop Shipping
Objective: Learn about suppliers for business models other than merchants of products
Preparation: Read
How to Make Money with Clickbank (Be sure to watch the video on “Finding Clickbank Affiliate Offers in the reading—sorry for some foul language) and The Definitive Guide to Dropshipping with AliExpress. Prepare the Affiliate or Drop Ship case.

Reference: Zero to a  Million Users Dropbox and Xobni lessons learned Commission Junction's About Affiliate Marketing  Do one of the following: Amazon Associates Program (click through all the "Continues" and be prepared to explain this program), Bass Pro Shops Affiliate Program or REI Affiliate Program; Drop Shipping: on drop shipping and/or drop shipping program and/or Drop Shipping PowerPoint, and/or 20 Best Drop Shipping Companies

Advance preparation: 7 Things for a New Affiliate Site and What should I know as an affiliate advertiser?

Due in a few days: Individual Project #1


Choosing a Site Builder
Objective: Be able to choose a site builder
Site Builder Research/Exercise

Reference: Spreadsheet for Deciding on a Site Builder, SiteBuilderReport


Choosing a Host
Objective: Choose a website host
Preparation: Read these notes: 
how to choose a host, top host, Spoke (Bluehost’s Student Promo Plan) host promo codes (do some exploring), and free hosting.  Complete the "Choosing a host" preparation.

Advanced Preparation: Selecting a Web Host from, Domain registration through Weebly
Introduce Site Building Project #2


Site Design Guidelines
Objective: To get students to start building their websites
Site Design Guidelines and scan SEOMOZ’s Holy Grail of eCommerce Conversion Optimization – 91 Point Checklist and Infographic.
Color Scheme Designer:  This helps you determine which colors work well with each other when designing a website.  Why Marketers Choose Certain Colors,  and Generic Privacy Policy

Reference: Help with creating an amazing WordPress site.

How To Make a WordPress Website - In 24 Easy Steps

You might use Divi Theme instead. It seems to make WordPress drag and drop like Wix.

Go to How to Make a WordPress Website 2016 page for each of these videos. 

Help with building a professional Wix site—Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create the Ultimate Professional Website.

Different types of affiliate marketers

The 8 Elements and Modern Web Design



Credit Card Payments
To understand the options for receiving payment on a website.
Preparation: Credit Card Payment .

Reference: Woocommerce Tutorial


Legal Structure & DBA's

Objective: Become informed enough to decide on a legal structure for their web business
Preparation:  Legal Structure: Go to Legal Structure and DBA's be prepared to tell what legal structure you choose for your business and why.  If you choose a type of corporation or a limited liability company, look into how to form it.

Reference: Idaho Secretary of State Business Entities, eHow—Do I Need a Business License for an Online Business, Form an LLC in Idaho


Forms, Fees, and Applications

Objective: to know what forms, fees, and applications are needed to ensure your web business is legal.
Preparation: Go to the
forms, fees, and applications research/exercise
Idaho Sales Tax info, Idaho Sales Tax Guide for Businesses
Site Building Project #2


Starting Your Ads Campaign
Preparation: View Get Started with Google Ads: What are Search Ads?  and

Create a Campaign . Go through the create an effective ad campaign guide as you create your ad campaign in Google Ads. Read Using Google Ads for online marketing and Create a campaign.   

Go to your Google Ads account that your created so you could access Keyword Planner.  Set up your Ads campaign but don't activate it yet (either don't put in your billing info yet or create the campaign and pause it).  When choosing networks, select ONLY Goggle Search Network for now.  Be sure to create an ad and enter keywords, but don't worry too much about them yet.  We will improvement in the next couple lesson before you activate your campaign.  

I will call some of you to show how you created your campaign, and you should be able to answer the following questions:

·         In what locations do you want your ads to show?  Why

·         Did you choose automatic or manual bidding options?  Why?

·         What is your daily budget? Why?

Reference: How to be successful with Google Ads.


Paid Search 101 rap SEM/PPC Jobs Google AdWords $75 Coupon


Keywords Basics
Preparation: Watch
Get Started with Google Ads: Pick the Right Keywords. Read About keywords, How to Build the Best Keyword List, and Exclude Keywords from your Campaign. Use the Keywords note to help you prepare a list of 20 keywords for your campaign.  Be prepared to present the list to the class and defend it.


Reference: Keywords from Google Ads Help


Advanced Preparation: Read as much of Generating and Editing Keywords as you can handle.  Read Komarketing Associates 200+ Negative Keywords to Consider for B2B PPC for negative keyword ideas. Read 7 Overlooked Sources of Keyword Data


Ads and Ad Groups
Edit your first ad, move some keywords to new ad groups, and create more ads.
Preparation: Read Edit Your Text Ads so you can open your existing ad and make it better. Open your ad. Watch Write Great Text Ads to help you rewrite your ad (note: since Google made this video, they added a 3rd headline and a second description line.) Rewrite your ad. If you need more help on writing a good ad, reference to the reference links below.

Watch Create Multiple Ad Groups and Ads in Google Ads then Create at least one more ad group. You may need to delete some keywords from your original ad group then add them to your new ad group(s). You need ad group(s) will need to have closely related keywords and at least on relevant ad for each ad group.

Read About the Ad Approval Process and scan the Ads Policies to see if any of them would affect your ads—for example if your business was to sell firearms, you would see in the “Dangerous products or services” section that Google does not allow ads for guns or ammunition.

Be prepared to present that ad to the class and to defend why it is a good, relevant ad.

Reference: Create Ads and About text ads.

Introduce: Individual Project #3 Starting an Adwords Campaign  Due on in two class periods

Google AdWords $75 Coupon


Ad Position and Ad Quality

Objective: To determine how to make your ads show as often and high on the page as possible with the lowest cost per click.

Preparation: Read The Ad Action and About Ad Position and Ad Rank to learn what makes your ad show and how the order on the search results page is determined. Read About Quality Score, Check Your Quality Score, and Improve Your Ad Quality. Choose your "best" keyword that has a quality score, tell what its quality score is, and tell why you believe it is what it is.  Tell three things you could do to increase its quality score.



Due: Individual Project #3 Starting an Adwords Campaign


Installing Google Analytics and Work day for AdWords Campaign

Preparation: Read: Introduction to Analytics, Get Started, Set Up Tracking Overview, and Set Up the Tracking Code.  If possible set up the Google Analytic tracking code on your website.  Be prepared to show how you set up the tracking code including where you put it on your site.

Note: Switching to Google Analytics may seem like we are jumping around too much, but you need to get Analytics installed as soon as possible so you start accumulating important data.  We will discuss Analytics more, later in the course.

2nd half of class work on AdWords Campaign



Reference:  How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress and Weebly, How to Install Google Analytics in Wix


ROI and Conversion Tracking
Objective: Learn how to track conversions so you can learn to increase in ROI for an Ads campaign

Read and watch About Conversion Tracking. Decide what your website’s primary conversion is (e.g. purchase, sign-up, phone call, click an ad etc.). Read About Conversion values and do your best to determine the value of your conversion. Read Set Up Conversion Tracking and do your best to set up your conversion tracking. Be prepared to show what you did.

Reference: Wix:Adding a Google Ads Conversion Tracking Tag to Your Wix Site, Weebly: Adding Google Analytics or Other Tracking Code to Weebly Header,

Advanced Preparation: Read Using Conversion Data to Improve Your ROI and/or Introduction to Advanced Conversion Tracking and AdWords Conversion Tracking and Google Checkout or Google Checkout Merchant help for BUY NOW BUTTONS,Tracking PayPal with Google Analytics and Google AdWords, Adwords Conversion Tracking and Paypal or page 9 of Conversion Tracking Guide

Reference: Conversion tracking setup guide, Tracking Clicks on Links or Buttons as Conversions.

Conversion Tracking Help Grid


Optimizing Keywords

Objective: Learn to optimize your AdWords campaign and your website to better accomplish your campaign goals
Preparation: Read
6 Effective AdWords Optimization Techniques for Beginners, Keyword Optimization in Google Ads, Optimize Your Keyword List, About Negative Keywords, and Get Negative Keyword Ideas Using Search Terms Report. Make five changes to your keywords based on these articles. Be Prepared to present them in class and tell why you made the changes.

Introduce AdWords Project
xls file


Text Ad Optimization

Objective: To develop a process that helps you continually improve your ads.

Preparation: Read Check the Approval Status of an Ad then go to your Ads account and make sure our ads are showing. If they are not refer back to the article above and try to fix them. Read the ad portion of Optimising Your Ad and Landing Page, About Extensions, and Select Extensions to Use. Select which extension would be best for you to add to your ads. If you can, add an extension. If you do and you can present how and why you did in class, you will receive maximum participation points for the day.


Read Check Where Your Ad Appears on Google Search Results and use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tools to see where your ad is appearing (or if it is appearing).


Advanced Preparation: Read About Ad Variations and  Set up an Ad Variation and try to set up an ad variation up.


In-class exercise: Ad Audit


Landing Page Optimization and Analytics Experiments and Final Project Orientation
Read: The land page portion of
Optimizing Your Ad and Landing Page and About the “Landing Pages” Page. Be prepared to tell how well your landing pages are doing and what changes you should make.


Read SEOmoz's The 12-step Landing Page Rehab Program, Improve Your Website, Understanding Landing Page Experience, Improve Your Landing Pages with Google Analytics Content Experiments, and view Create Better Website: Introducing Content Experiments.  Go through the 12-step program for your website and campaign.  If you are unable to do step 2, please be prepared to tell which page you would A/B Split test and what you would be testing. If you are unable to complete some of the other steps, at least be prepared to tell what you could do.
Advanced Preparation: . View
What to Test, view Google Trifecta for your Website, and read the Website Optimizer part of 101 Easy Ways to Use Google Website Optimizer  The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Quality Score Conversion Optimization Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide


Basic SEO
Objective: to be able to do basic SEO on your website
Preparation: View
What is Search Engine Optimization/SEO and read Perfecting Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization (don't worry about the comments at end of the article.  Based on these two, take a look at your website and tell the five best things you can do to help your site’s SEO.  For three of your pages, tell at least one keyword that you want to optimize that page for.  Use Backlinks Checker Tool - Backlink Watch to determine how many backlinks your site has.  Be prepared to present this to the class.
Reference Material:
Social Media for Small Businesses,  Google Basics, Google SEO,  Webmaster guidelines,   Webmaster Tools Checklist, Perfecting Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization

Introduce Project #4--SEO Group web page audit (see Brainhoney)


SEO--Ranking and Link Building

Preparation: Watch Building Link - The basics of link building. Use either Optimizemysite or to see how your Website ranks for SEO purposes.  Read as much as you can from feedback report so you can understand what it means.  Be prepared to present your site's report in class.

Read's Advanced Link Building Strategies and be prepared to discuss what you have done or could do to build links for your site.  Read's Link Building Strategies: Checklist


Reference: SEO Basics Tutorial, Domain Selection, Keyword Selection Web Page Optimization, and Link Building, Google and Flash Google Webmaster Guidelines, Beginners Guide to SEO, Search Engine Ranking Factors, Backlink Checker, Top Web Directories Top SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid (Cheatsheet) Small SEO Tools Backlink Checker


Introduction to Social Media Marketing
Objective: to learn to use social networking in a business setting

Preparation: Read Social Media Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide.  Be prepared to tell how you could use LinkedIn to help further your career.  Come up with the three questions that you would like clarification on in using LinkedIn. 

Reference: Social Media Cheat Sheet for Small Businesses, Social Media Platforms Christopher Galbraith on Networking

Due: Project #4--SEO Rank (see iLearn)


Facebook Advertising

Read: 5 Reasons You Should Be Advertising on Facebook and Create Ads in Ads Manager. Go to Facebook Ads and create a facebook ad for your business. Start by clicking the “Create An Ad” Button. Be prepared to explain you’re the steps. You are not required to actually spend money on this, but I would like it if some of you would spend $5 on it.

Shopping Campaigns

Preparation: Watch Create a Shopping Campaign and Create a Merchant Center Account. Read How to create a product feed.


Reference: 3 Easy Google Shopping Campaign Optimization Techniques and Google Shopping Campaings Guide: Best Practices, Tips & Tricks



Final Session:  Present your site and campaign (3 minutes max)

·         Show website

·         Tell what your business model/conversion is

·         Tell what site builder you used and how satisfied you were with it

·         Tell how AdWords worked for you

·         Tell whether or not you will continue this business


Due at 11:45pm: Ads Final Project. Submit through iLearn (preferred), and if you can’t email the attached spreadsheet to me and use the subject line "Web Business Final"





Jeff Sandefer: Life of Meaning


 Google Analytics Overview
Introduction to Google Analytics, Interface Navigation and one of the Interpreting Reports presentations from the Google Analytics IQ Lesson.  Go to Google Analytics and use it to determine your worst keyword, ad, and/or landing page.  You should be able to explain what metrics you used to decide that the keyword, ad, or landing page is the worst.  Be prepared to present this to the class.
Advanced Preparation: View
Google Conversion University Introduction (Introduction in a Google Analytics Seminar)
Google Analytics IQ Lessons, 11 Digital Crimes Against Humanity

Due: Lessons Learned Blog Check (see I-Learn)


Web Analytics with Adwords
Preparation: View
Using Google Analytics with AdWords, GA in 60 Seconds: Find the Best Keywords and Optimal Adwords Campaigns
GA in 60 Seconds: Location Targeting, GA in 60 Seconds: Find Poor Performing Campaigns and Keywords, and Advanced Segments in GA


Top 7 Tricks to Rank in Google Places

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