Excel 2010 Tutorial

Read (or view) and practice the following to prepare for the Excel 2010 Excel Business Basics Exam

  1. Basic tasks in Excel 2010
  2. Insert or delete cells, rows, and columns 2007 replace with 2010
  3. Quick start: Create a formula
  4. Video: Enter a simple formula
  5. Create or delete a formula.  Be sure that you know how to do the following functions SUM, AVERAGE and at least basic mathematics in your formulas (+,-,*,/,^).  Also be sure that you create formulas and functions using cell reference instead of numbers (e.g. =C3+C4 rather than =47+54).  Optional reading Quick start: Use a function in a formula.
  6. Max function, Min function,
  7. Quick start: Chart your data in a worksheet. Optional reading: Create a chart from start to finish.

Once you have completed this tutorial your should be prepared to take the Excel 2010 Business Basics Exam.